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Sex on Wheels

Thu May 9, 10-11.05pm, C4

Sex and disability. A no-brainer for the channel that has brought us both ‘The Sex Clinic’ and the Paralympics within the past year. And, while there probably wasn’t much need for us to see Karl, recently paralysed below the waist in an accident, trying to have a wank, Emma Young’s documentary is otherwise a sensitive, well-intentioned and agreeably candid look at how disabled people can overcome their conditions to enjoy fulfilling sex lives.

John has learning difficulties and his mum decides to hire an escort (‘I spend a lot of time rolling about in custard,’ comments the latter). Leah has brittle bone disease but certainly gets about. Pete aspires to be the country’s first disabled porn star. And Karl looks for satisfaction from ‘a trained sacred sexual healer’. The results of the latter may surprise you, but it’s perhaps a tribute to society’s increasing tolerance and understanding of these issues that none of this feels quite as unusual or interesting as Young clearly believes.



What the actual F***?! Most stupid programme ever. I think the person whose money-spinning idea this S*** heap of a show was should have some respect. It is peoples' Stone Age attitudes towards disabled people that dis-ables them. 00000 star rating for this bull..