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Fri Jul 19, 8.30-10pm, BBC1

Series two, episode two
If you catch him on the wrong day, Benedict Cumberbatch’s Holmes can seriously rub you up the wrong way. He’s haughty, patronising, arrogant and rude. But eventually, that’s his curse. The humanity of John Watson (Martin Freeman) always carries equal weight in the end. So it is tonight, in this thoroughly convincing, hugely entertaining reimagining of ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’, first shown last year.

The traumatised, bereaved Henry Knight (Russell Tovey) attracts Holmes and Watson to Dartmoor. Dartmoor may or may not be home to a savage, oversized dog. Probably more pertinently, it’s definitely home to an experimental military establishment carrying out ‘pioneering’ research work. Think you can guess where they’re going with this? Don’t count on it. Excellent again.