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The Burrowers

The Burrowers: Animals Underground

Fri Aug 16, 9-10pm, BBC2


Series one, episode one
In this new three-part series, part of the BBC’s ‘Summer of Wildlife’, Chris Packham – operating from a trio of manmade burrows in Dartmoor and Somerset – reveals how Britain’s subterranean inhabitants have adapted to thrive underground.

In this first episode we are shown how the burrows were made, courtesy of a load of smoke and some adorable ferrets with tracking beacons on their collars. Badgers, water voles, and rabbits also make appearances in what will be a year of life on camera. As spring begins, the rabbits are at it like, well, rabbits, and the first discoveries begin pouring in as heat-sensitive cameras show how the burrow works as an incubator for the baby bunnies. Cute, of course, but also accessible and informative.
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