The Call Centre Christmas

Tue Dec 17, 9-10pm, BBC3

On the basis of the taster clips we received, the festive edition of this reality show looks likely to contain the same mixture of teeth-grinding irritation and annoyingly irresistible charm as the series.

Dear old Nev is as Brent-ian as ever. ‘I need these decorations up now!’ he gibbers. ‘Don’t tell me you’re busy!’ Meanwhile, the preparations for the Christmas party (‘chocolate fountains, snow machines…’) gather pace and one poor sap is recruited to sing a solo carol to the pack of howling, dribbling drunks that will surely be populating the gathering within half an hour of the bar opening. Most intrigue, however, centres around the return of bad-tempered maverick and telesales genius Griff.

Relentless, shameless stuff that eventually bludgeons the viewer into reluctant compliance. Nev wants you to have fun and he’ll be personally insulted if you refuse.