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The Choir: Sing While You Work

Mon Nov 4, 9-10pm, BBC2

Series two, episode one
More of the same from Gareth Malone – but when that constitutes such effortlessly cheerful fare, repetition isn’t really a problem. As this new series begins, Gareth’s trying to give the gift of song to the staff of P&O ferries. This is a more divided company than most – the demarcations between land and sea and British and French seem to be guarded fairly jealously.

Remarkably, certain of Les Rosbifs have never ventured into Calais despite spending years doing the Channel crossing. Gareth’s got this covered though – we always suspect a certain amount of smoke and mirrors underpinning the apparent ease with which he transmutes tone-deaf mumblers into confidently vigorous belters. But when he’s making so many good points about community, mutual support and the importance of trying new things along the way, who really cares?