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The Crane Gang

Sun Sep 22, 8-9pm, BBC2

Episode one
We can’t all be lion tamers or rocket scientists or maverick detectives. In fact, if we’re honest, most people’s jobs are pretty boring. All the same, from comparative exotica like ‘Ice Road Truckers’ to the social history of ‘The London Markets’ and the banal service-industry nightmare of ‘The Call Centre’, there’s definitely been a move towards documenting our working lives on TV in recent years.

This latest effort verges on the humdrum: the blokes of Preston’s Ainscough Crane Hire are affable enough company and their mighty rigs are undoubtedly impressive. But it’s hard to escape the impression that once you’ve seen one delicate operation to right a derailed train you’ve seen them all. Oh, and this is a series – let’s hope octane levels are cranked up next week, because otherwise this could be a long haul.


Tristam mayes

As 1 of the main stars of this great new documentary I think your review stinks, this is a great way of showing the public what way have to go thru. And as for boring I'm sure it's going to be more exciting than your job sat in a office talking crap about a show and industry you know nothing about.