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The Crow Road

Wed Jul 10, 10.30-11.35pm, BBC4

Episode one
A wonderfully chosen repeat, this one. Back in 1996, ‘The Crow Road’ was the first Iain Banks novel to make it to the small screen. And in the light of the author’s sad death, it feels well worth revisiting. The drama – told over four episodes, from four different perspectives – centres on Prentice McHoan (Joseph McFadden) and his quest to discover the fate of his Uncle Rory.

Along the way, he ponders various existential puzzles and tugs so hard at the door of the family closet that various skeletons come cascading out. It’s a touching, witty and inventive adaptation of a much-loved text and it’s also worth a look simply on the basis of the impressive cast which, in addition to McFadden includes Bill Paterson and a fresh-faced Peter Capaldi.