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The Dealership

The Dealership

Thu Aug 1, 8-9pm, C4

By Phil Harrison
Series one, episode one
Newbie car dealer Scott is worried. ‘If you’re only giving 100 percent, it’s not enough’. Only the full 110 percent will get our man the sales he needs. This is the lingua franca of this new series following the hi-jinks at a used car dealership in Essex.

It’s by a distance the most banter-riddled telly this side of ‘Soccer Saturday’ so your enjoyment will be largely dicated by your tolerance for the ways of the Geezer. Bewildered and bespectacled work experience kid Declan, for example, doesn’t quite fit the bill. ‘Get your bins off, bruv’, demands one of the geezers, on Declan’s first day. Before long, he’s being assaulted by squirts of Lynx before attempting to eat a tea bag as part of some sort of desperate, blokey bonding ritual. He keeps his school blazer on throughout.

His verdict at the end of his placement? ‘I’ll probably stay on to the sixth form and then try and go to university.’ Which, for Declan at least, is clearly the correct answer. All in all, it’s a rum business; utterly daft, completely pointless yet weirdly watchable.

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