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The FA Cup Final: Live

Say May 11, 3.45-7.45pm, ITV

Apart from the occupants of what we’re contractually obliged to call ‘the blue half of Manchester’, can there be anyone in the country who doesn’t want Wigan to win this game? They’re plucky outsiders with a likeable manager. They live within their means and, as a result, will be treating this game as respite from their ongoing relegation battle. And their put-upon fans have been completely stiffed by the soulless, villainous suits at the FA who have decided that, for the sake of a few extra TV viewers, this game must kick off at 5.15pm.

In so doing, they’ve confirmed once and for all that travelling supporters rank just below the stadium’s cockroaches on their list of priorities. Pity the Wiganites if this goes to extra time and penalties – they’ll be missing their last train home and looking for hotels in London for the night. This has also become a big day for ITV, whose recent Jose Mourinho anti-scoop proved once again that they probably shouldn’t be trusted with big football matches. Unfortunately, it’s too late to snatch English football’s crown jewel from their butter-fingers. But they’d better be on their best behaviour today…