The Millers

Mon Oct 14, 9.30-10pm, Comedy Central

Series one, episode one
We suppose it’s just about possible that ‘Arrested Development’ won’t be the defining show of Will Arnett’s career. But we’re pretty confident that ‘The Millers’ won’t be much more than a marginal memory. The scenario feels familiar – it’s the old ‘adult children have to live with their annoying parents again’ set-up.

Here, the news that Arnett’s Nathan has divorced prompts his parents into an instant reassessment of their stale marriage. And inevitably, that means Nathan’s mum has to come and live with him. Everyone involved – from bumbling dad Tom to Nathan’s wingman Ray – feels like a grotesque stereotype and the laughter track and lowest common denominator humour make the whole thing feel like a relic of a less ambitious comedy era. Disappointing.