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The Repo Man

Thu May 2, 9-10pm, C4

Decent people might not always make for decent telly, but they would provide a balance sorely missing from this skewed rant against the nation as George Osborne doubtless sees it. In reposession officer Sean Donegal’s world, as ‘The Repo Man’ portrays it, everyone’s cheating the system, every debt incurred is entirely self-inflicted and the rapacious finance companies are innocent victims rather than predatory exploiters of distress and misery.

As an illustration of Sean’s day-to-day life, ‘The Repo Man’ is fairly enlightening: it’s a dangerous job, but someone has to do it. But this documentary tries to have it both ways, showing us Sean the devoted dad who buys his son plastic nunchucks, the truth-teller who rants about National Service and ‘handout Britain’. Playing on people’s desperation for laughs and cheap thrills? Poor show, Channel 4.