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The Returned

Sun Jul 14, 9-10.10pm, C4

Series one, episode six
To what extent is it possible to thoroughly enjoy something while still only having the vaguest idea of what’s going on? ‘The Returned’ is proving that it’s more feasible than you might have thought. We’re six episodes in. The waters are getting muddier still and guesswork remains our best option.

How many times can Simon be killed before he stays dead? Who is the enigmatic, stunning Lucy? Will poor, confused Camille make the transition from pariah to prophet? What exactly are Serge and Toni getting up to on that hillside? And where does the emptying reservoir fit into all this? Search us.

Perhaps there’ll come a moment when, like ‘Lost’ before it, ‘The Returned’ hops over the line separating mystery from meaninglessness. But for now, we’re still utterly seduced.