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Hitler's Rise: the Colour Films

Sun Sep 8, 8-9pm, C4

Episode one
Hyperinflation. The Beer Hall Putsch. Kristallnacht. And so on. While they say that if you don’t know your history, you’re doomed to repeat it, it doesn’t seem like there’s much danger of us forgetting this twentieth-century horror story – which draws frightening parallels with present-day Greece in its empowerment of racist ideologies, combined with a weakness for uniforms, brutality and arm waving.

The whole of BBC’s superb ‘The Nazis: A Warning from History’ series is still available on YouTube, so 'Hitler's Rise: the Colour Films' has strong competition. But it’ll be interesting to see how this two-part documentary series fares in comparison. Tonight (spoiler alert), Hitler fights in World War I, attempts a coup, goes to prison and writes a stupefyingingly wrongheaded and vainglorious book. No previews were available.