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The Woman Raised by Monkeys

Thu Dec 12, 9-11pm, National Geographic

Bradford housewife Marina Chapman claims she was raised by Capuchin monkeys in the Colombian jungle for five years, but is her tale an elaborate fiction or an incredible true story? From signs of arrested bone development to her subconscious reaction to pictures of Capuchins, ‘The Woman Raised by Monkeys’ weighs up the evidence for her bizarre story.

Accompanied by her daughter, Marina embarks on a quest to find her long-lost human family and prove the sceptics wrong. Marina appears completely sincere; indeed, she’s very open to being questioned and undergoing tests, and there’s no suggestion that this is about fame or money. But could a difficult and traumatic childhood have affected her memory? While it’s overlong and will leave viewers with more questions than answers, the story of Bradford’s most extraordinary grandmother holds the attention well enough.