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Top of the Lake

Sat Jul 27, 9.10-10.10pm, BBC2

Episode three
Anyone who doubted that the tranquility of Laketop disguised the dirtiest of secrets can consider themselves firmly disabused after tonight’s instalment. Matt, having failed to intellectually intimidate GJ, exploits her charges to his own ends while revealing a little of his own pain and despair. Wolfie is found hanging from a tree as video footage turns up depicting Tui and filmed by – well, that would be telling.

And most shocking is Robin’s own drunken confession to Al (this is career-best stuff from Elisabeth Moss), prompted by her suspicions about Tui’s condition and exposing the reasons both why she had to leave and why she trusts absolutely no one. You can hardly blame her for what she does next.

This is truly a journey into the dark heart of humanity in one of the world’s most beautiful places. Crime and punishment. Sex and depravity. A long-established patriarchy under attack. Jane Campion and co-conspirators Gerard Lee and Garth Davis are crafting a story you won’t be able to forget – no matter how much the New Zealand tourist board might want you to.


PG Knight

A massive disappointment except for the beautiful scenery and Peter Mullan, whose dialogue you can at least hear. Far too much mumbled and difficult to understand dialogue from very poor acting ensemble. This is Conference stuff compared to the Premier League of The Killing and The Fall. One star for the scenery and Peter Mullan