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Under the Dome

Mon Aug 26, 10-11pm, C5

Series one, episode two
Only in America could someone use ‘The Simpsons Movie’ as inspiration for a serious drama. Well, purportedly serious. After last week’s opener established that there’s now a dome cutting the small Maine town of Chester’s Mill off from the rest of the world, things progress rapidly from intriguing to out-and-out daft.

We’re firmly in the territory of ‘FlashForward’ and ‘The Event’ here, for better or worse. Clichés abound, few of the characters really ring true (the reverend’s comical ineptitude rather undermines his supposed ‘creepiness’) and the show’s delicate internal logic is already short-circuiting.

But none of that matters much – this is a romp with a concept so outrageous that it’s hard not to be seduced. This week sees weirdo hostage-taker Junior messing with the wrong guy, his dad Big Jim stepping into a power vacuum and the world’s lamest hard-rock station turning hard-news provider.


Fabrizio Venanzi

Earlier this week, the new TV series ‘Under the dome’ had its UK debut. Someone slated the program and said, 'Only in America could someone use ‘The Simpsons Movie’ as an inspiration for a drama.’ However, the plot is based on the 2009 Stephen King novel titled "Under the dome." The story so far is that everything happens around ‘Chester's Mill’, a fictional town in Maine that was sealed off by an invisible barrier (the dome). You'll be overwhelmed by story lines such as: Huge quantities of propane are stocked in a hidden place; few children begin to have seizures whilst whispering 'Pink stars are falling’ and residents demand food and fall deep into panic. In the meanwhile the mayor ‘Big Jim’ (Dean Norris - Breaking Bad) try to takeover the city and his psychopathic son, Junior (Alexander Koch) decides to kidnap his long-obsessive love, Angie (Britt Robertson - Life Unexpected). Under the circumstance of the program, it's hard to believe that the main character is called 'Barbie' (Mike Vogel) and his role reflects him as a classic fearless 'macho-man'! Thus, for those who loved Fringe, Terra Nova, Falling skies and any other apocalyptic series, this is yours next unmissable show!