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Fri Dec 27, 9-9.35pm, ITV

Few new shows split opinion as neatly as ‘Vicious’ did this year. Some thrilled to the waspish bitching and wilful campery of live-in lovers Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, best chums Frances de la Tour and Marcia Warren, and strapping neighbour Iwan Rheon; others derided it as dated, offensive and tacky.

This Christmas special won’t change anyone’s minds. The stars deliver gags as creaky as their limbs but with irresisitible relish; there’s some half-arsed slapstick; Rheon is underused; and the action never leaves the confines of the flat. In truth, it’s a little underpowered this time round. De La Tour and Warren waltz off with the best lines and the wholly familiar narrative – a botched Christmas get-together – doesn’t add much to the occasion. But the indulgent and sofabound may enjoy a few chuckles here and there.