What’s Killing Our Bees? A Horizon Special

Fri Aug 2, 9-10pm, BBC2

It’s the weather. Or pesticides. Or disease and infestation. Or it might be something else that we haven’t discovered yet. But it’s probably our fault. While we shouldn’t necessarily expect definitive answers on ‘Horizon’, tonight’s conclusion does seem equivocal in the extreme.

And, while we shouldn’t necessarily expect a host with expertise either, Bill Turnbull’s unpolished everyman schtick is certainly not to this reviewer’s taste. He may be a beekeeper of over a decade’s standing, but we rather suspect it was the bumbling that got him this particular apian gig.

Still, compulsory lame stunt aside, this is fairly interesting, covering each of the three potential causes of the rapid decline in Britain’s bee population, in the process underlining how extraordinary these creatures are, and how central to our ecosystem. If this raises a little awareness and a little funding for a little more research, then Turnbull won’t have completely wasted his time.