Young Margaret

Sat Apr 27, 9-10.30pm, BBC2

Still not heard enough about her? Charles Moore, hagiographer-in-chief of the late Mrs T during the recent period of national mourning/rejoicing/indifference, here presents the early life of Maggie, based on his imminent biography. Interviews are promised with admirers, intimates and family including her spivvy son Mark, so critical analysis is likely to be thin on the ground.

But there may yet be some interest to be wrung out of the apparently never-ending scrutiny, as Moore investigates the early influences that shaped Margaret Thatcher and, in turn, the country she led for over a decade. In the interests of balance, it’d be nice to see, say, Simon Schama fronting a documentary with an alternative viewpoint, but we shan’t hold our breath. So it’s probably time to let her rest in peace for a bit after this.