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Your Style in His Hands; Breaking Amish

Tue Apr 30, 8-10pm, TLC

TLC launches with a bang tonight (on Sky 125 and Virgin 167), with two shows that offer a decent sense of what to expect from this new channel, along with makeover shows, Oprah’s one-to-one chats and something called ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ (don’t ask).

‘Your Style in His Hands’ brings the concept of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ to bear on wardrobes. In other words, a bloke slags off their partner’s shabby dress sense, before fumbling around the lingerie section and having host Lisa Snowdon wail, ‘Do you realise now how hard it is to shop?’. Tonight’s guinea pig is Tom, boldly shredding his fiancée Lou’s clothes and spending £5,000 on some new ones. It’s guff, but harmless guff.

More contentious is ‘Breaking Amish’. Sadly, it’s not about an isolated religious community getting into the crystal meth trade. Instead, it’s the usual annoyingly irresistible, hysterically overproduced affair from the States in which four Amish youths and one Mennonite decide, for undisclosed reasons (we suspect the involvement of a TV production company had something to do with it), to experience the real world – oh, all right, New York – before deciding whether to settle down for good.

Tonight is all set-up, introducing the kids and their bucolic upbringings, before they drop the bombshell on unimpressed family and friends. Still, it’s not often you can watch a docusoap where the stakes are so high that people’s souls are on the line.



I guess you're not aware that, around the age of 17, Amish teenagers can and do leave their community for the first time and live outside of it. They then decide whether to return home and be committed to their faith, or stay away. I'm not Amish, but I am well aware of this, so I suspect the programme makers thought this was common knowledge, so they didn't bother to explain it. I thought it was common knowledge too - I guess not.