Ryan Gander: Locked Room Scenario

Artangel. Ryan Gander, Locked Room Scenario, 2011 (2).jpg
Photographer: Julian Abrams. Commissioned and produced by Artangel with the support of Londonewcastle and the Lisson Gallery Ryan Gander, installation view of 'Locked Room Scenario'

Because we are unable to see the artworks properly we focus instead on what we might otherwise ignore – the piles of unopened post; an overheard conversation in the lavatory; the words 'Mary Aurory Sorry' graffitied on an outside wall. And the odd thing is, that in spite of the fact that Gander's Blue Conceptualist artists are all fictional, like art detectives, we piece together all this information about them (and the more closely you look, the more of it you'll find) until our imagination forms it into a plausible back story. (HS)


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