The Developing City

The Black Death, the Great Fire and the Blitz brought pestilence and destruction, yet the City of London survived and rebuilt itself. This exhibition, part of the London Festival of Architecture, looks at how the physical environment of the City – its buildings, public spaces – and culture have helped it to thrive as a major business centre. A series of seminars, talks and walks about development in the City accompany the exhibition. These include: 'Visions of the City in 2050' (Jun 22), at which three teams of architects, developers and property professionals present their visions of how the City might look in 2050; The Resilient City (Jul 6), which examines how the City has responded to major events throughout its history; Conservation Today (Jul 20), a talk on the challenges the City faces to maintain and conserve the best of its heritage; Buildability (Aug 3), a talk on the issues surrounding the delivery of efficient office space; What Lies Beneath (Aug 17), in which you can hear about key archaeological discoveries from recent building projects in the City and what they have to tell us about the relationship between new and old London; and The Edge Condition: Emerging areas of the City (Aug 31), an event that examines how the City is growing and adapting to the needs of new industries.


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