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East London's 'alternative' side is revealed on this leftfield tour. Expect to be introduced to the history and culture of the Brick Lane 'Banglatown' and Shoreditch areas as well as current issues and street art. Booking essential via


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The tour with Ben was an excellent way to discover an other London ! It was a really fun and rich adventure.


The Alternative London Tour is a must see for any tourist or anyone who like me is just plain curious and loves being a tourist in their own city. I discovered this tour by pure accident but this is a great way to explore the East End and see some great street art and learn more about the alternative side of London. Afterwards I came away totally inspired and more observant of things around me. Josh our guide was excellent very informative and funny at the same time. I will be sure to check out more of their tours in the future. You can pay what you feel the experience is worth. A great discovery if you're looking for something a little different to do in the city.

It was an excellent tour by Doug. 1.5hrs flew by. Would recommend to anyone!

A fab day walking the streets and listening to some great stories about street art and more


I had an amazing time during this tour because not only was the guide exceptionally knowledgable and friendly, but it helped me open my eyes and look around a lot more. Since the tour I have started to pay a lot more attention to something I used to take for granted. I would definitely recommend the tour, and the only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because I wish it would’e been longer (perhaps one hour or so) as the topic was ver superficially covered.


What an eye-opener this tour is!  I knew nothing about street art or the artists before, but now look at the decorated buildings with fresh eyes.  Such a friendly, relaxed and informative walk, it also encompasses some of the history of the area. I would (and have!) recommend to everyone interested in London.

These guys are actual artists and take you away from the Banksies and the teenage taggers. They are passionate about their city and inspire you not to shop at Pret and to look down every little street for something creative and challenging. Super easy to chat to and easy to listen to, if you want a tour that gets you off the high street, get amongst this!


Fascinating look at parts of the city you might not normally see. This is worth doing multiple times, given how quickly street art changes.

 Brilliant tour, Doug was very passionate and took his time to speak to everyone amongst the group and engage in their thoughts and opinions openly. Would 100% recommend to anyone, regardless of background or interests. Will be attending this tour again hopefully next time I am in London - really had my eyes opened to the world of street art, East London and the changing future of subculture. 

Our tour guide, Lily, is a french artist living in London. She was great! I've got the learn about the artists, their techniques and the history of the area as well. All the tour guides are artists themselves, which makes it all much more interesting. Highly recommended!

Super informative and fun tour. Our guide Doug knew so much about the history of the area and about the current affairs of the neighborhood he clearly cares so much for. To see the art and hear the stories that come with them was a treat. It had me really thinking about the connectivity that art can foster between people and cultures across the globe. Thanks, Doug!


Such an interesting tour. Doug was amazing, really funny, sincere and passionate. An eye opener on east London from an art and social perspective.

Really Great and wonderful experience ;) Had the tour with Ben Slow who is very knowledgeable and made the tour extremely interesting. I got to know the behind the scenes of this culture and he showed us some great jaw dropping art work. Thanks Ben and thumbs UP ;)

An excellent tour with the street artist Ben Slow, a passionate and knowledgeable guide. He took the group through quite a few artistic works around Liverpool Street, showed us how the City is pushing its boundaries into the beautiful old area and made it all very enjoyable. 

I've been on 11:00 Saturday tour recently and really enjoyed myself! It was a good time as it wasn't too busy yet in the area. The guide, Ben Slow, was great, passionate about what he does. I even enjoyed the 2 minutes of "educational moaning" about gentrification, especially when some guy in his pajamas looked out from the balcony of one of those "generic monsters" as the guide was pointing at it and shouted "I completely agree, but..."

I thought the tour was informative enough to awake one's curiosity and make one find out more about the street artists we've seen. I had another walk round after the tour and kind of got stuck in the area for the most of the day.

In a nutshell - highly recommended!

Some friends and I tried out the tour today, it was amazing! Very interesting afternoon, got to see some amazing street art! Also reflection on the contrast between the City and East London was promoted, as well as we were provided with a comprehensive piece of history about that area. Will certainly recommend it to other friends!

Great tour, saw some amazing street, which I would have never discovered otherwise. Fantastic tour guide (Josh), very knowledgable, entertaining and friendly. This tour is the perfect antedote to standard, over-priced tourist trails.

Wonderful. I only wish the BBC offered such erudite and exciting insight in the contemporary art scene!

strongly recomanded, have you ever visited this area? this is an excellent way to begin with!

Amazing tour around the East End. Would really recommend this to everyone who wants to see a different side of London.

We had an absolutely brilliant time even though the rain was pouring down! Our guide (sorry forgot his name) was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and I would gladly walk it again - no matter what the weather is like! :) Would give more than 5 stars if I could!

Really brilliant tour showing a side of London that has been passing me by despite living here for over 10 years. Lovely organisers and we had a enthusiastic and passionate advocate for street art as our guide. Loads of fun!!

This was an exceptional tour! Our tour guide was extremely interesting, funny, and knowledgable. He did not just make up facts in order to sound intelligent, if he didn't know the answer to a question, or the artist of the peice, then he would tell you. I was surprised at how organized the trip was. We began with 25 people and ended with about 50! I love the relaxed nature of a free tour and I learned a lot about street art and the local's attitudes towards it. Really amazing tour, definitely worth checking out.

My friend and I went along to learn and enjoy east end London. We found it really interesting, learnt alot and the tour guide was nothing but passionate and friendly. We had a really nice afternoon. Def recommend it as something to do whilst in London.

wonderful two hours of my stay in london. surely taking this tour next time upon my visit. five stars both to the tour and to the guide

I done this walk with my mum & sis last October. There was so much hidden funky art that we didn't know about and the tour guild was very friendly :) I'd defiantly recommend this!!!

amazing tour! and gary is pretty awesome too. even if it's not your usual thing, it's full of talent and beauty! i don't think there's a single person who wouldn't enjoy. and it's free. what more could you want.

Great tour. It is fun, it is interesting, Gary knows is stuff, is passionate about it. More than well worth it. Go, go, go don't miss out. Available date now Tuesday 6/12 (12p.m), Thursday 8/12 (12p.m), Thursday 15/12 (12p.m), Saturday 17/12 (additional 3p.m tour available), Tuesday 20/12 (12p.m). Night tour will resume next year check it at

One of the best things I've done in London. Gary really knows his stuff and is a great guide. Hugely recommended - you'll be missing out if you don't go.

great stuff. would recommend it to everyone who's interested in street art.

so much to see, great tour and Gary has done his research. Highly recommend this as a great way to spend the afternoon...

A fantastic way to spend a few hours...Gary was passionate, entertaining, knowledgeable and we loved it!

5/5. Top tour, thanks Gary! A jam packed tour full of information, sights and sounds of the East End. Would recommend to anyone who wants to see a very interesting side of London and learn about the history of the East End. And, if you get a chance, ask Gary to tell you the bollard story, honestly one of the most interesting bollard stories I've ever heard. A very good tour.

Brilliant tour. Gary is full of information about street art and the history of the East End. Having lived near E1 for 8 years, most of this was still new to me and some of the street art he showed us was beautiful. Would recommend to anyone - Londoner or not.

Amazing tour. Gary was great! This was a side of London I would have never seen on my own. I've told everyone about it - and will go on the tour whenever I'm in London! Thanks.

Had an excellent few hours, it was a brilliant tour, leart loads about the east end and saw some amazing art. Would definitely recommend it, for visitors and londoners too.

Fantastic tour last night! Gary shows truly amazing street Art which we are usually too much in a hurry to notice.

Great guide! Amazing tour which showed me a part of London I thought I already knew. I'll be doing this again and again.

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