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Photograph: Michael Juliano

27 reasons LA is so much better for dating than NYC

Written by
Kate Wertheimer

Written by Time Out Los Angeles staff, edited by Kate Wertheimer

So, this one seems like kind of a no-brainer to us. Why would anyone rather delve into the dating world in a city that's freezing half the year, insanely expensive and where "private" makeout options are confined to the apartment you share with four roommates? And don't even get us started on the smells. Dating in LA is dating in a land of sunshine-y plenty, where perfect weather, lots of privacy and affordable date options abound—not to mention lots of tan babes. If you need any more convincing, we whipped up these 27 reasons LA is a better dating city than NYC (duh).

1. A picnic in the park, the world’s most perfect date, is an option year-round here.

2. We never have to trudge through slush/ice/pee-snow to get to a date (or with said date).

3. Our bars close at the reasonable hour of 2am, which makes it much less likely that we’ll do something we’ll regret in the morning.

4. LA has way more romantic lookout points than NY. Whether your date prefers a city vista, ocean or mountain view, we’ve got it all. (Ahem, see above).

5. There’s never a time of year when we feel embarrassed of winter weight and pasty skin.

6. The scent of flowers and an ocean breeze sets the mood way better than the smell of urine and warm garbage.

7. You’ll definitely see an ex or two on TV here, giving you the opportunity to either brag about dating them or make fun of them relentlessly. 

8. The walk of shame is waaaay less shameful in a car or an Uber. Enjoy riding the subway or walking 16 blocks in last night’s heels at 8am.

9. In LA you don’t spend an awkward amount of time waiting in line with your date for, um, anything you decide to do. 

10. Having to drive is a good thing when you’re dating, because it’s a great relationship test. If you can’t carry on a conversation for 20 minutes—or if your date is clearly a road rager—maybe it’s better to know that ahead of time. 

11. Also, dropping your date off in your car means a kiss goodnight can easily turn into a steamy makeout sesh, in the privacy of your own Prius. That’s not so easy on a subway or a stoop.

12. More hot weather means more scantily-clad babes.

13. The romantic road trip possibilities are limitless—and you’ll never have to utter the words “Hamptons” or “Poconos.”

14. How romantic is it to invite your date home with you when you have four roommates and your “bedroom” is half of the converted living room? 

15. Riding tandem on a motorcycle is way more likely in LA—and even more romantic when cruising down the PCH. 

16. No matter where your date lives or what they’re into, you can pick a neighborhood and have well more than a date’s (or day’s!) worth of fun exploring on your hands.

17. LA’s sprawl actually works in our favor—we never run out of fun date ideas in a city so big and diverse. 

18. Additionally, dating someone who lives across town is a great incentive to check out a new ‘hood. And hey, if it doesn’t go well, you’ll likely never run into them again.

19. Lots of Angelenos don’t work regular 9-5s — meaning boozy brunch dates, lunch dates and mid-day meetups are a lot more doable. 

20. You know those old romantic movies where you pull up to a twinkly makeout point in your car? Yeah, those actually exist here. And they work like a charm.

21. In LA, you just might marry a rocket scientist. 

22. Our casual dress code means we don’t spend hours in front of the mirror debating what to wear. There’s a 75 percent chance your date is going to show up in jeans and a T-shirt, anyway. And look good.

23. Surfers’ bodies. Enough said. 

24. In LA we can actually afford to take our dates out to nice places (any places, really). We can also afford to live places that we’re not embarrassed to bring our dates home to.

25. We’re just as annoyed as the next guy by dates with “aspiring” actors/writers/etc. But there’s something admirable about a city where people hold tightly to their dreams. New York is where dreams—and bank accounts—go to die. Plus, what if that moonlighting actor lands a huge role? We prefer to remain optimistic about our aspiring-whatevers.

26. Social engagements aren’t confined to bars here—people have house parties and backyard BBQs where it’s easy to meet and flirt with friends of friends of friends.

27. And we don’t mind if you date our friends. In fact, we want you to!

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