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6 places to see magic in Los Angeles

Written by
Stephanie Morino

While it may feel like there's magic in the air throughout Los Angeles, there are actually very few places in the city to see the real deal—yes, we believe. Some spots are harder to get into than others, but we can help with that (more on that below). So for those nights when you're looking to be wowed by some slight of hand or illusion acts, check out one of the places below. 

Magic Castle: The most popular place for magic in L.A.—and possibly the world—features a variety of types of magic, from card tricks and illusionists to various stage tricks that will leave you wondering how the magicians do it. This exclusive club is membership based, but we know a few secret ways to get in. Once you're in, you can pick and choose which acts you want to see throughout the night, but don't forget to grab a couple of drinks at the bar (the bartenders do some of the Castle's best tricks). 

MagicopolisWhen was the last time you saw a woman get sawed in half, anyway? The husband-and-wife duo who perform weekly magic-comedy routines here know their tricks inside and out—just don't come expecting Vegas-caliber effects or lighting. The 90-minute show features comedy, magic, music an audience participation, so don't be surprised if you end up part of the act.  

Black Rabbit Rose: This new spot is both a bar and a magic theater, though unlike the neighboring Magic Castle, it doesn't require connections to get in. It might require some patience, though—the space is small, comprised of just two cozy rooms. In the theater, ticketed magic shows run Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8 and 9:30pm, featuring magicians, illusionists, burlesque dancers and other performers. 

Comedy & Magic Club: Though the comedy portion is its biggest attraction, this place does stay true to its name with some form of magic almost every night. Whether you come for the laughs or the illusions, you'll definitely be entertained here—and the food is delicious, too. 

Cecconi'sThis is a classic Italian restaurant in West Hollywood serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week—plus one night of magic. Every Sunday, from 4-7pm, a magician will bring tableside magic tricks to diners. Who wouldn't want a side of close-up magic with dinner? 

Beyond Brookledge: The Larsen family, founders of the Magic Castle, hosts an exclusive invite-only magic show in a private residence in Hancock Park known as the Brookledge Follies. Though it's unlikely you'll ever get an invite, Beyond Brookledge is a weekend-long version of that fascinating and exclusive show, taking place once a year at a hotel nearby. Tickets are pricey ($1,650), but include a two-night stay at the hotel, scheduled meals and snacks, and a weekend packed with magic shows and surprises. This year's event takes place May 19-21 at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside. 

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