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April is Pixie Tangerine Month in Ojai and the whole town is celebrating

Written by
Brittany Martin

Ojai, one of our favorite weekend getaway destinations, is extra festive in April. Their famous Pixie tangerines are in season and the whole town gets together to celebrate Pixie Tangerine Month.

Obviously, the first thing on your mind will probably be eating the sweet, seedless little citrus. Luckily, pretty much every restaurant in Ojai will be offering some kind of dish with the ingredient, from Pixie crème brulee at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa to probiotic Pixie chutney on a gluten-free vegan dosa at Food Harmonics.

For those more into liquid refreshments there is a Pixie margarita at Agave Maria’s, the White Pixie Ale crafted by Ojai Valley Brewery, and a tangerine mocha topped with whipped cream and Pixie zest at Ojai Coffee Roasting Company. 

Since it’s Ojai, the town's famous spas get in on the action, too. You can relax with treatments that use the tangerines for their aroma and special skincare properties. The Day Spa of Ojai offers an Ojai Salt Glow featuring essential oil derived from the fruits. EarthTonics Botanical Spa is upping your pedicure game with an Ojai Pixie Custard Foot and Calf Treatment.

And, of course, you’re going to want to stay the night so you can squeeze as much out of your visit as possible, so several Ojai hotels, including Lavender Inn and the Oaks are offering special Pixie packages. Nobody gets more into the season than the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, where in addition to incorporating the tangerines into food, drink and spa services, they also offer Pixie-themed pool parties and golf outings.

For a full schedule of all the tangerine happenings, visit the Ojai Visitors Bureau’s Pixie Tangerine Month website.

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