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DJ Khaled and A$AP Ferg at Coachella Weekend 1
Photograph: Rozette RagoDJ Khaled and A$AP Ferg at Coachella Weekend 1

DJ Khaled brought out Rick Ross, Migos, 2 Chainz, A$AP Ferg, French Montana, Swae Lee and other surprises for his Sunday set at Coachella 2017

Written by
Brittany Martin

DJ Khaled took the stage with an announcement that, next year, Coachella would have to give him a headlining slot. As if to prove it, he brought out a whole squad of A-list guests to join him on stage, including Rick Ross, Wale, A$AP Ferg, 2 Chainz, and Migos who, at this point, probably should have just been given a slot on the bill given their repeat appearances on stage throughout the weekend (but, for that, we’ll have to wait until FYF coming up in July). Oh, and Sylvester Stallone for a second there, because why not?

The Sahara Tent crowd went wild for a set comprised of familiar bangers as the ‘major key’ Khaled trotted back and forth between the decks and center stage. The consummate hype man, he shouted out his collaborators, the artists behind the tracks he selected, and, most frequently, himself.

A$AP Ferg was the first to accompany him on the stage, working through several of the Trap Lord’s recent hits, including with “New Level.” Ferg clambered down from the stage and through the throng of photographers to hop up on the barricade and rap surrounded by the hands—and raised smart phones—of the enthusiastic crowd.

Next to join Khaled was 2 Chains who had a few problems with his microphone that seemed to persist even as he launched into performing along with his guest spot on the Chance the Rapper mega-hit “No Problems.” After that, the duo dimmed the lights and slowed down the tempo for a rendition of “Big Amount,” though the recording’s guest star, Drake, didn’t show up for a guest appearance of his own this time as he did for Future’s set on Saturday. Before departing he made sure to play a bit of what has been his signature piece since 2012, “Birthday Song.”

Then it was time for Khaled to, as he put it, “Show some love to the new generation,” which he did by bringing out Migos. They shouted through "Bad and Boujee," as they are so often wont to do. After they left the stage, DJ Khaled kept it youthful with an appearance by Swae Lee alongside French Montana.  

Just when one might have thought more guests couldn't be packed into Khaled's set—if for no other reason than that he kept insisting that, "They don't want me to give you more guests"—out came the grand finale, Ricky Rosay himself. They closed out the set with an exuberant run through of favorites, including help from Washington D.C. rapper Wale. 

Essentially, if you ever wanted to see what a mixtape would look like live and in person, we hope you were in the tent for this one. 


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