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Photograph: Rozette Rago

Don’t get stuck in the desert without these must-have beauty products for Coachella 2017

Written by
Ramona Saviss

Getting to Coachella is one thing. Packing for Coachella is another. Whether you’re flying into LAX and driving a car or traveling like a pop star with no time to waste via a private jet, knowing what to pack (TSA-friendly or not) remains top priority. Prep for the weekend with desert-friendly products from all over the world including a French mineral mist to a Korean foundation that doubles up as sunscreen with SPF 50+.

Hydrating Facial Mist

Revive your skin against the dry heat with Avene Thermal Spring Water spray ($9) because dry skin is not a good look. Pack it in your backpack for the fest and use all day to rehydrate, calm and neutralize your skin’s pH for an Instagram-ready visage 24/7. A must have for French girl skin. 

SPF 50 sunscreen spray

Instead of lathering on sunscreen, try an easy-to-apply sunscreen such as Coola’s travel-sized sport SPF 50 ($36). It's an unscented spray that goes on easily without getting your hands greasy. The brand uses anti-aging antioxidants and organic ingredients to protect against the sun and the travel size won’t take up too much space, but will last you all weekend.

Blow-dry in a bottle

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($10) may just be the answer to our festival-going prayers. Perfect for travel, this small-but-mighty dry shampoo cleanses the hair, while not leaving it sticky or stiff. For those with lighter hair color, it even comes in a natural tint that won’t leave your hair with white residue.

Aburatorigami Japanese beauty papers

Combat oily skin with Tatcha’s Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers ($12)—a fancy way to say biodegradable oil blotting papers. One of the best on the market, these delicate leaflets (handmade in Japan out of natural abaca leaf and gold flake) will absorb excess oil without removing your makeup.

Foundation cushion compact

In order to pack light you’re going to need multifunctioning products such as Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion ($60), which doubles as a long-lasting foundation that won’t smudge throughout the day and facial sunscreen with SPF 50+. It comes in a light easy to fit anywhere compact and will give you lasting coverage for flawless skin, without looking cakey. 

Long-lasting lip cremes

A pro tip is to use beauty products that can be put on in the morning and don't need to be reapplied again for hours. That’s where Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Le Marc Liquid Lip Creme ($28) comes in. These long-lasting liquid lipsticks will leave your lips hydrated with an added pop of color, regardless of how many watermelon slices you bite into.

Tanning body gloss and glow

Whether you have a real tan, fake tan or no tan, bump it up for Coachella with St. Tropez’s One Night Only Gloss ($25) It gives a bronze boost to your skin that washes off when you're done with it. Another option before putting on those cutoff jean shorts or skimpy bikinis is NARS Monoi Body Glow ($59), which smells like a tropical getaway thanks to the coconut oil, and will leave your skin smooth, bronze and glowing. Use a dab as hair oil to keep your flyaways smoothed as well.

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