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Go find the cash hidden in Santa Monica by mysterious donors

Written by
Brittany Martin

What would you do if you happened to find $1,000 on the street—and you knew for sure that there would be no karmic repercussions to just pocketing the cash? Pay some bills or treat yourself to a little luxury? Well, whatever you can dream of might just be possible if you keep a keen enough eye out in Santa Monica this Sunday.

A secretive organization that calls itself Hidden Money LA will be hiding cash around the Santa Monica Pier, probably starting around noon. They recommend RSVPing to their Facebook event or following them on Twitter to stay in the loop about hints and details. The scavenger hunt was announced when the organizer hid $100 in the Santa Monica Tender Greens café on Wednesday with a note signed ‘Francis Hawke.’

Just who is this mysterious benefactor, Francis Hawke, you might ask? Nobody seems to know for sure and the Facebook account associated with the name appears to be just a shell. A report from NBC Los Angeles states that this hunt is most likely a sequel to an event two years ago where real estate investor Jason Buzi scattered cash around the Bay Area. 

Earlier this month, the same group hosted a smaller hunt in San Diego's Balboa Park.

The organizers say you’ll need an iPhone to participate but that they will be back with Android-friendly hunts in the future. We assume that means there is an app involved somewhere, but that has yet to be officially revealed. You’ll have to follow along to find out.

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