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LACMA is using its art collection to retell classic Disney movies on Snapchat

Michael Juliano

LACMA knows how to give the people what they want. The Miracle Mile art museum keeps extending its Rain Room run. They want you to catch all of their Pokémon. And now they're digging into their massive art collection to satisfy our '90s nostalgia.

This month, LACMA is teaming up with Disney's own Buzzfeed-like blog, Oh My Disney, to reimagine Beauty and the Beast as a Snapchat story. It's the beginning of a bimonthly series that will continue to retell classic Disney tales.

Sure, Disney movies, fine art and Snapchat seem like an inane trio, but we trust LACMA; the museum was a Snapchat early adopter in 2014, and it's been gracefully combining Renaissance artwork and internet memes ever since. Seriously, just take a look at this preview of its Beauty and the Beast story.

Photographs: Courtesy LACMA

Beauty and the Beast will be retold over a series of four Snapchat stories, starting on LACMA's account (@lacma) on October 19 and finishing up on Oh My Disney's account (@OhMyDisney) the following day.

"LACMA’s intentionally humorous Snapchat account not only has made important artworks from our collection vastly more accessible to new audiences, but it has also allowed us to explore these artworks from new points of view," said Michael Govan, LACMA CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director, in a statement.

It's a pretty unlikely combination of two L.A. institutions—LACMA with its encyclopedic collection of more than 130,000 works and Disney with its hundreds of movies—but one we're surprisingly on board with.

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