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Best Halloween Costumes at KCRW's Masquerade Ball 2013
Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanBest Halloween Costumes at KCRW's Masquerade Ball 2013

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are perfect for Angelenos

Written by
Obnoxious LA

1. Weed dispensary nurse

If you're looking for that perfect sexy medical professional costume, then why not be this Venice Beach staple? Weed dispensary nurse offers people “prescriptions” for “medicine.” Make sure you accessorize with a clipboard, funky mood rings and a bag of “oregano.” 

2. Angelyne

Are scary costumes more your forte? Become Halloween’s "It Girl" by dressing as Hollywood’s "It Girl.” Imagine a human barbie doll with heavy eye shadow who carries around a Chinese fan to mask the fact that she's had oodles of plastic surgery. Boo! You're Angelyne. If possible, tool around town in a bright pink car.

3. Projection LA  

Spray painting yourself is a really bad idea, but going as the Silver Lake art installation is a great idea for a last-minute costume. Just dress head to toe in all white and give new meaning to a white party! 

4. Sexy Mayor Eric Garcetti

He’s already sexy, so you won’t have to do much! Just slap on a suit and make the costume even more attractive by carrying around a bill to fix all of LA’s potholes. 

5. The Infinity Room

Only losers haven’t been to the Broad Museum in DTLA yet. Be the star at any party with the Broad's The Infinity Room exhibit. People will be so excited to spend 30 seconds inside of you, there will be a waiting list.

6. A Lyft car

Slap on a pink mustache and you’re ready to roll! Have bottled water, mints and gum on hand to offer to everyone you run into. Every now and then, jump in on people’s conversations and start pitching your screenplay. Mandatory rule: you can only fist bump for the entire night. 

7. An In-N-Out employee

Be super nice to everyone the entire night. If someone wants to talk to you, first make them wait 20 minutes. Keep it sensual and maybe someone will want to take you home and enjoy you animal style. 

8. Chaz Dean by Chaz Dean

Nothing is more LA than naming something after yourself, which is why this year’s stand-out costume is Chaz Dean by Chaz Dean. Let’s be clear, you’re not going as Hollywood hairstylist Chaz Dean. You’re dressing up as the Chaz Dean studio, which means you’re dressing up as the whole Chaz Dean experience. Make sure everyone’s hair has life and volume. This is what Chaz would want.

9. LA Jesus guy

This is a costume of someone in a costume. Having to explain that you’re not in fact dressed as Jesus, but dressed as the guy who dresses as Jesus will be worth it because of the originality. Although if you do spend Halloween on Hollywood Boulevard you might run into the guy you’re dressed as while you’re dressed as him dressed as somebody else. Confused yet?

10. Beverly Hills trophy wife 

Accessorize this costume with facelift scars, a botched nose job and a nearly empty bottle of Xanax. This can be quickly turned into a couple’s costume if you make your significant other dress as Dr. Paul Nassif—just make him pay for 50 percent of everything that night! 

Bonus couples costume: the Drought and El Niño

If you and your significant other are never on the same page, why not embody that inherent lack of agreement by going as the weather? When you do get into that inevitable argument, you’ll have the built-in zinger of, “You’re dressed as the drought because nobody wants to sleep with you!” 

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