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Prepare for rain and chilly weather coming this week

Written by
Brittany Martin

Be sure to pack your umbrellas and wellies before heading to work on Thursday and Friday this week because it looks like we’re set to get a fair bit of rain, especially Thursday night into Friday morning. The front coming in will brings lots of moisture and, along with it, a drop in temperature, with the nighttime lows getting as low as a chilly 43 degrees by the end of the week. Local mountains could also see several inches of snow, which is good news for local ski resorts. 

With all that wintery weather headed our way, you’re probably going to wonder what to do with yourself. Luckily, we have crafted a whole guide to keeping cozy and warm this season, so you’ll want to take a look through that. Also, be sure to check out our essential tips for surviving a rainy day in Los Angeles, including great museums to visit, comfort foods to eat and other things that just might make you hope that the sun takes its time coming back out. You’ll find us posting up at a bar with a fireplace and drinking a great winter cocktail.

Even with recent moisture, it’s worth remembering we are still living with an ongoing drought. In 2015, December was fairly dry, logging only about a half-inch of precipitation in Downtown L.A. One month later, however, in January of 2016, we collected 3.17 inches of rain water. Average December temperatures tend to hover around 56 to 46 degrees, so this cold spell will see us dipping just a bit below the seasonal expectations.

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