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Ranking Migos' four Coachella performances from bad to boujee

Michael Juliano
Written by
Michael Juliano

You won't find Migos anywhere on the Coachella lineup, but the hip-hop trio from Georgia was all over this year's festival. They made four surprise appearances across Saturday and Sunday, playing their hit "Bad and Boujee" at each stop along the way. And hey, we're not complaining; in fact, we'll be shocked and downright disappointed if the Donald Glover-approved hip-hop darlings don't make it onto the Coachella lineup. But we thought we'd dive into Migos' four appearances and rate them in the only appropriate manner we know: from bad to boujee.


Future's set was already on fire, but bringing out Migos really brought things over the top. Getting to hear "Bad and Boujee" on the main stage? Hell yes. We think this small child's reaction speaks for all of us.


Songs: "Bad and Boujee," "T-Shirt"
Rating: Bad and Boujee

DJ Snake

If you missed them the first time, Migos' appearance during DJ Snake's set was a miracle—with the added bonus of their collaborative track "Oh Me, Oh My."


Songs: "Bad and Boujee" and "Oh Me, Oh My"
Rating: Bad and Boujee

Gucci Mane

third appearance in a single night? Amazing. Oh, they're playing "Bad and Boujee" again? Cool... we think.

Songs: "Bad and Boujee"
Rating: Just boujee

DJ Khaled

Khaled promised "so many surprises" throughout his Coachella set (one that largely involved hitting the play button on other people's songs). Our imaginations ran wild—who could it be? Oh, Migos. And you'll never guess what track they performed. 

Songs: "Bad and Boujee" and "T-Shirt"
Rating: Just bad

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