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Roy Choi is launching a pizza concept next month

Roy Choi is launching a pizza concept next month
Photograph: Courtesy POT Cafe/Roy Choi

Man-on-the-move Roy Choi is busy slinging Kogi burritos at Dodger Stadium this week. But when he’s not feeding hungry baseball fans; overseeing his Kogi truck empire, taqueria, and fast-casual chain, Chego; stacking pancakes and Hawaiian-inspired plates at A-Frame; changing the food-accessibility game with LocoL; or manning his handful of concepts within the Line hotelwhew—he’s thinking about his next endeavor. Fortunately for all of us, that next endeavor is pizza.

In mid-November, Choi plans to launch POT Pizza Joint from behind the counter of the POT Cafe space in the LINE’s lobby. Think of it as a weekend grab-and-go slice operation that’ll serve “a mutant pie, somewhere between Detroit, NYC and L.A.,” according to the new concept's site. “Square but thin. Pan like Chicago but sauce on the bottom. Just a simple straightforward corner slice but this corner is in K-town.” Choi added in an email to us, “Because we felt like it.”

Choi and the POT team noticed a need for more late-night food in the Line’s lobby and bar area and decided to test the waters for their slice concept, which will be headed by Commissary’s executive chef, Diego Echavarria, who already helps oversee Choi’s other operations within the Line.

Photograph: Courtesy POT Pizza Joint

Expect hulking slices for around $4 a pop, and—sorry, Line guests—this concept is walk-up only. At the outset, don’t expect room service, delivery or even whole pizzas—“slices-only for now,” Choi says, “but who knows, after we get our feet wet.”

The Friday-and-Saturday-only operation will start at 6pm until they run out, and according to Choi will start with just the classics—cheese and pepperoni, and maybe one topped with kimchi—before adding more to the roster. Keep your eyes on Choi’s Instagram account, and POT’s, for updates.

POT Pizza Joint is set to open in mid-November, serving slices on Friday and Saturday nights from within the Line Hotel lobby at 3515 Wilshire Boulevard.