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Step into your favorite horror films at this free Arts District haunted house

Step into your favorite horror films at this free Arts District haunted house
Photograph: Courtesy 20th Century Fox

While the IT haunted house has departed Hollywood Boulevard for the Warners Bros. backlot tour, a new horror attraction has popped up in the Arts District. Horror Rewind will take guests through four horror films: 28 Days Later, Carrie, The Fly and The Hills Have Eyes.

It’s a diverse collection, as far as horror movies go: a man who fuses himself with fly DNA; a tormented teen with telekinetic powers; a British zombie film with an incredible soundtrack; and a family stalked by a much more malevolent family in the desert. They’re all part of a larger collection of 19 horror films repackaged with new designs from Mexican-Cuban-American artist Orlando Arocena. Not only is the artwork pretty awesome, but Hollywood's passion for "experiential marketing" means we Angelenos get another haunted house this season.


However, this isn't your standard walk-through haunt judging by the team behind it. Horror Rewind is produced by creative studio the Great Company and local haunted theater company Delusion. Delusion sprung up in 2011, and those who have attended know it’s a highly immersive experience, often set in sprawling mansions chock-full of monsters. Guests move through elaborate sets, interact with actors and occasionally must complete tasks as the story progresses. (Last year, my quest to find a stake was cut short by a vampire who locked me in a coffin.) Though Delusion does not have a 2017 show, they are bringing their passion for immersive theater to Horror Rewind.

Delusion creator Jon Braver tells us the entire experience takes place in the framework of an art gallery, fitting for a show setting up in the Arts District. The gallery owner is a huge horror buff who has set up various rooms as “living, breathing” tributes to his four favorite films. Groups of eight will enter at a time and move through a series of eerie vignettes.

“Some of the gallery patrons have been kept there and placed into roles from these movies, unwillingly. So you’ll experience a bit of what they're going through with them,” Braver said. “[Actors] will talk to you, they’ll be physically holding you and pulling you in different directions, and there are a few split group moments where you’ll have to help characters,” Braver said.

Following the 15-minute experience, guests can peruse and purchase the Blu-rays if they so choose. Other films in the collection include From Hell, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Child's Play, Black Swan and Return of the Living Dead.

Though the exact terrors that await us have been obfuscated to avoid spoilers, Braver does advise guests to “comfort the fallen woman in 28 Days Later.” Here’s hoping she’s not infected.  

Horror Rewind takes place October 13 through 15 in the Arts District, with the exact location to be revealed upon confirmation. Currently, all slots are booked, but there are standby tickets available. We’re told event organizers will be accommodating as many standby ticket holders as possible each night. Admission is free.