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The 10 most commonly seen classic vintage cars in LA

The 10 most commonly seen classic vintage cars in LA

We can't think of another city with a more impressive car culture than Los Angeles (okay, maybe Detroit). But we've even got Detroit beat when it comes to freshly-waxed, candy-colored vintage. Our streets are full of classic cars glinting in the sun—the temperate climate makes maintenance a breeze (though that salty ocean air is a beast), and there's no better backdrop for a gorgeous hunk of steel than the PCH fading into the Pacific or a verdant curve of Mulholland... or a giant Bob's Big Boy statue. We've seen almost every make, model and year across the city, but there are certain cars that persevere as the city's most popular, the cars that come to mind first and stick with us longest, the ones that define what it is to be a SoCal car lover. All ten of these are on our "someday" wish list, from topless Broncos to low-riding Mercurys. What's on yours?



1. Ford Bronco





 2. Mercedes Benz 300d



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 3.VW Bus



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4. Chevy Impala





5. Porsche 911



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6. Shelby Cobra





7. Range Rover





8.Mercury Sun Valley



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9.VW Beetle



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10. DMC Delorean



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