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hollywood, griffith park
Photograph: Jakob N. LaymanYou know you've done something right when these things happen to you...

The 20 signs that you've been blessed by the LA gods

Written by
Obnoxious LA

It can be hard living in Los Angeles. Sometimes, it feels like this city is always against us. But every now and then, the stars align and things go your way. Here are just some of the ways you know the LA gods are on your side.

1. It's 5pm on a Friday and every stretch of freeway around you is completely jammed—except for that one stretch you're on. Hallelujah!

2. There is no line at Urth Caffe, Intelligentsia and/or the drive-thru at the In-N-Out.

3. You meet the guy/girl of your dreams not through online dating—and find out they live on the same side of the 405 as you. 

4. Ten people RSVP "yes" to your comedy show on Facebook... and all of them actually show up. Even some of the maybes.

5. You bought your movie ticket at the last minute and only the crappy seats were left at the ArcLight, but no one cares that you're not sitting in your assigned seat.

6. You're able to turn left on Hollywood and Highland without any hassle because there are no pedestrians (tourists) trying to cross the street.

7. You're accidentally given a fifth slice of meat at Tender Greens

8. You're able to coordinate schedules between three people and find a meeting time that is convenient for all of you. Everyone shows up five minutes early, and through some sort of divine intervention, nobody says a word about being stuck in traffic.

9. The only parking spot you're able to find on Ventura Boulevard is right in front of that ramen place your friend said you needed to try. Oh, and there's still money in the meter. 

10. Your date does not try to network with you.

11. Your Uber driver does not try to network with you.

12. Your dentist does not try to network with you.

13. It's raining and nobody around you is driving like a complete idiot.

14. You get dressed up for a night out on the town in Hollywood and nobody mistakes you for a "night walker."

15. The prepackaged juice cleanse you bought cost less than $100. 

16. An earthquake rocks the San Fernando Valley, and you're the first person to post on Facebook about it.

17. You're parked somewhere in Santa Monica—wait, make that anywhere in LA—and you remember your meter expired. When you come back, there's no ticket. 

18. You found a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment in West Hollywood for under $1200. Did I mention no restricted parking and a washer and dryer on the premises? Shut your face!

19. You've been able to drive from Downtown to Santa Monica in 12 minutes. I have no idea how this happened, but who am I to say otherwise? The LA gods work in mysterious ways.

20. It's a beautiful Saturday. You spend the entire day on Venice Beach, and you don't once get accosted by a homeless person or asked if you want to buy some "herbs, man."

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