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The most insane things we overheard at FYF 2016

FYF 2016
Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Somewhere between the fourth round of drinks and a manifest destiny-like desire to get as close to the stage as possible, music festivals start to bring out some truly perplexing sound bites. We've all spewed out drunken gibberish at some point, so we're not ridiculing the absolutely bananas nonsense we overheard at FYF 2016—instead we choose to celebrate the lunacy. Here, presented with as little context as possible—hey, we were overhearing, not eavesdropping—are the most insane things we heard at FYF 2016.

"Sorry Air, I don't care. It was cool while it lasted. We got Stephen Hawking on the stage here."

"Yeah, Kate and I are pussies."
"It's OK, though. We have a lot of drugs."

"A scoop of ice cream for $8? That's fucked up."

"I saw [Steve] Albini waiting for a waffle. He looked angry."

"Fuck your friends."

"This is one of the dumbest festivals I have ever been to."

"I'm not that stupid. Whatever it is, I've already taken it."

"Excuse me, can you take a picture for us?"
"Can you say 'please'?"

"It's so fucking raw. I love it."

"Are you ready to party?"
"Eh, it's been awhile."

"Who is St. Patrick?"
"He's a snaky little leprechaun."

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