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Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt busking in a Metro station, being adorable

Written by
Brittany Martin

If you happened to be in the Vermont/Sunset Metro Station in Hollywood recently, you might have been treated to a special show. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (from (500) Days of Summer, The Dark Knight Rises and the heart-shaped doodles on your notebook) set up a drum kit on the subway platform and went to town for a solo percussion concert.

He wasn’t just there to busk, of course. Rather, JGL made the appearance to promote Everyday, Spectacular, a project from production company-slash-web channel hitRECord. For the project, they issued a public call to musicians, singers, dancers and others to take their performances out into unexpected public settings and set up tiny shows to be recorded—while also bringing a moment of delight (and maybe confusion) to people passing by.

Taking his own advice, he dressed in a dapper suit, plopped down a bright red rug on the platform, set up his shiny blue drums and played with obvious zeal—and totally credible chops, to boot. You can watch the clip below and catch the moment when things go slightly off-script and a man on the train tells Joseph Gordon-Levitt that he looks like Pee-Wee Herman (which we’re not quite sure about, but it’s certainly not the worst thing that we have ever heard yelled at someone on a subway platform).

Now, if only he could hire one of those flat-bed trucks and perform on the freeway while we’re sitting in traffic so more Angelenos will actually get a chance to see him. 

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