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Whole Foods 365 will open three more stores across the region

Written by
Brittany Martin

The first Whole Foods 365—the grocery chain’s attempt to build a smaller, stripped-down store with slightly-reduced prices—has been deemed such a hit in Silver Lake that there are now three more on the way. A Santa Monica location opens in August, followed by North Hollywood and Long Beach.

When the Santa Monica 365 swings open the doors on August 9, Westsiders will get their chance to shop the store’s streamlined grocery offerings. The store aims to keep things simple for a millennial-leaning demographic that already feels overwhelmed by the choices of daily life and doesn’t want to have to labor over which box of quinoa to buy when they get to the store. At 365, there will usually be only one, maybe two kinds of each product, because they know your decision fatigue is totally real.

Each 365 also features their own exclusive Friends of 365, restaurants and cafes with their own areas within the store. At the original Silver Lake location, the most famous friend is By Chloe, a vegan fast-casual restaurant chain from New York City. Santa Monica’s Friends will be a Groundwork Coffee and the third location of Asian Box, a street-food-inspired cafe, according to LAist.

Opening dates for the North Hollywood and Long Beach locations have not yet been announced, but are likely to be late 2017 or early 2018. The Silver Lake 365 store opened just a year ago, so we know the brand is expanding rapidly. Now, if only they would add an in-store wine bar.


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