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Coachella 2013 lineup: Let's hear it for the ladies (slide show)

Check out the female forces to be reckoned with at the Coachella 2013 festival.


Click to the next image to see the women who will be rocking the stage at the Coachella 2013 festival.

 (Photograph: John Londono)
Photograph: John Londono


Sundays April 14 and 21

Origin: Montreal, Canada
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Don't be fooled by Claire Boucher's alias, Grimes—far from sordid, her output tends toward dreamy, floaty, dancey soundscapes, especially when her sighing voice comes in. Aside from her fastidiously fractured synth-pop (check out Visions, a widely acclaimed recent effort on 4AD), this Montreal auteur is active in dance, film and visual art. Should make for an extremely au courant and compelling live show.

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 (Photograph: Andrew Zaeh)
Photograph: Andrew Zaeh

Janelle Monáe

Saturdays April 13 and 20

Origin: Kansas City, KS
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

The striking, diminutive, vertical-haired Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and dancer—who hails from Kansas City, was mentored by Big Boi and guests on OutKast's Idlewild album—has made quite a splash. Expect to hear much of her adventurous and highly-funky debut LP, The ArchAndroid, as she veers from R&B to rap, doo-wop, psych-folk, jazz and disco.

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 (Photograph: Justin Broadbent)
Photograph: Justin Broadbent


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Toronto, Canada
Previously played Coachella: 2006, 2008

This Canadian band, formed in Toronto in 1998, wavers between indie rock and new wave. They self-released their 2009 LP, Fantasies, and sold over 500,000 copies worldwide without the help of a record label, which is pretty badass. Expect to hear some Fantasies cuts, as well as newer tunes off the band's 2012 album, Synthetica.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: New York, NY
Previously played Coachella: 2006, 2009

Powder keg frontwoman Karen O and New York's favorite art-punk alt-poppers are prepping the April release of Mosquito, their first formal LP since 2009's It's Blitz! Amongst their hefty stable of hits, expect to hear a few new ones, including Mosquito's gospel-tinged first single, "Sacrilege." Yeah Yeah Yeahs are never less than spectacular live, so stake out your spot near the stage for the band's third appearance at Coachella.

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Tegan and Sara

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Calgary, Canada
Previously played Coachella: 2005, 2008

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara return to SoCal with their winning brand of indie pop—all layered vocals, scuzzy guitars and tempered angst. They’ll be treating the festival audience to tunes from their seventh album, the acoustic guitar and synth-driven Heartthrob, released in late January.

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Bat for Lashes

Saturdays April 13 and 20

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Career longevity hinges on reinvention, and art school refugee Natasha Khan knows this. As Bat for Lashes, the London songstress was at the top of the dream-pop tide not so long ago, leading a wave of new artists paying belated homage to Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks with shimmering sound washes and wardrobes to match. Bravely forgoing trendy pop machinery, Bat for Lashes shows us she’s still a step ahead of her peers with 2012's The Haunted Man, and hopefully with an impressive live festival show.

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Deap Vally

Sundays April 14 and 21

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This female rock duo met in a needlework class in Silver Lake, hit it off, and now produce bluesy, alt garage rock that sounds a bit like the music of Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys and Jack White of the White Stripes—if Dan and Jack bonded over fiber arts, that is.

 Download "Gonna Make My Own Money" on Amazon
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 (Photograph: © Andrew Whitton)
Photograph: © Andrew Whitton

La Roux

Sundays April 14 and 21

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: 2010

As with many of today’s gifted pop starlets (we’re looking at you, Gaga), La Roux frontwoman Elly Jackson has cultivated an image that seems carefully designed to overshadow her catchy if rather conventional music—in this case: chilly, retro synth-pop. Still, behind the gravity-defying red tresses and androgynous getups is a very human performer with a powerhouse voice.

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 (Photograph: James Moriarty)
Photograph: James Moriarty

Jessie Ware

Sundays April 14 and 21

Origin: Oban, Scotland
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This pretty British singer-songwriter has been likened to Adele and Sade, and many call her debut album, Devotion, one of the best of 2012. Unfortunately, she may be better known for her illegal sampling of rap legend Big Pun's track "100%," which she has since had to remove from her work. Oops.

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 (Photograph: Courtesy Press Here Publicity)
Photograph: Courtesy Press Here Publicity


Saturdays April 13 and 20

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

This all-female post-punk rock group, formed in 2011, hails from London and brings with it their native land's gritty take on punk rock. These ladies offer up intense performances, for lack of a better word, and their Saturday sets are not to be missed, if you're into that sort of thing.

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 (Photograph: Mads Perch)
Photograph: Mads Perch

Maya Jane Coles

Sundays April 14 and 21

Origin: London, England
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

London's Maya Jane Coles doesn't have the star power of the many headliners in this fest's lineup. Yet. The talk of the scene, for those bowled over by her heavy-hitting deep tech-house offerings, she's easily one of electronic music's most rapidly ascending stars.

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How to Destroy Angels

Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

How to Destroy Angels—Trent Reznor, Mariqueen Maandig and Atticus Ross—released its self-titled six-song debut EP in 2010, and their newest, Welcome Oblivion, in March. They have an eerie tone with a heavy industrial sound reminiscent of NIN, only now with a female vocalist, and percussion sequences that are sure to get stuck in your head. Listen now or save yourself for their Friday sets.

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 Download How To Destroy Angels on Amazon

 (Photograph: Colin Kerrigan)
Photograph: Colin Kerrigan


Fridays April 12 and 19

Origin: Minneapolis, MN
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

These hotly tipped vocoder-heavy Minneapolians recall trip-hop's heyday with their Portishead-like beats and Channy Leaneagh's vocals drifting hazily overhead. The internet is awash with hype from Bon Iver and Jay-Z alike over these electronic, R&B-influenced indie rockers.

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Saturdays April 13 and 20

Origin: Berlin, DE
Previously played Coachella: First-timer

Cassy (from Berlin's beloved Panorama Bar) works her deep-house magic for the dance floor. There are few artists more beloved on the techno scene, and Cassy (who has apparently dropped the "Britton") doesn't disappoint fans, with incredible live shows infused with her ever-soulful vocals.

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