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This RBG-themed kit is here to help you cope with Election Night stress

Worried about November 3? Would an entire bottle of local gin help?

Written by
Stephanie Breijo

If you’re already bracing for Election Day, you might want to surround yourself with items that take the edge off. Thankfully, the mad geniuses behind Disco Dining Club are here to help.

Over the summer the team joined forces with artist and event brainiac Blakeshine to launch a delivery-based party in a box with their new company, Of the Night, which saw singing telegrams, boozy gnome-themed garden parties and ’90s-inspired slumber-party boxes arriving at doors across the city. Today, they launch a special kit geared entirely toward getting through November 3: a Ruth Bader Ginsburg-tinged Election Night package, with 100 percent of proceeds benefiting Planned Parenthood.

The limited-run “In Ruth We Trust” kit includes all the Election Night essentials for two that we could hope for (except, you know, maybe a few Xanax), and will arrive at your doorstep on November 2—which should give you plenty of time to set up that I Dissent board game, ready your Dammit Doll and chill those euphorics-packed cans of Kin Spritz.

“On the eve of the election we are here to help you cope, help you release, help you endure, all with the spirit and the resilience of the late great Ruth Bader Ginsburg on your side,” the announcement states. “RBG fucked. shit. up. She was our Jewish high priestess who wore her dissent collar with pride when she wanted to stick it to the male-dominated legal system. Without her brazen personality and progressive ideologies, our nation would look a hell of a lot different.”

Not only does the kit involve a few substances to help you destress, including an entire bottle of L.A.’s women–owned-and-operated Future Gin (“for drinking games, disassociation or any moment that needs that extra something-something”)—it also includes ways to be heard and get involved on a night when you might feel politically helpless as you watch the results come in: You can fill out Postcards for Progress to send to Congress, the city council and other leaders regarding what changes your communities need to see.

If you’re a stress eater (here, present), you’re in luck because the box also includes everything-bagel–flavored matzoh chips; baked goods; and a bagged lunch of bagels and schmear. If you need more stress relief, look to the scented calming candle and the all-ages activity book.

And, should it come time to celebrate, you’ll even have all you need for an Election Night ball drop.

Each kit runs $175 and can be purchased online now. Whether or not you manage to snag one before they’re gone, just remember Of the Night’s words of wisdom: “Take three, take four, take all the deep breaths, because we are all in this together.”

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