Grocery stores open on Christmas in L.A.

Forgot the wine? Need more dinner rolls? These grocery stores open on Christmas are here to save the day.

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It's an all-too-familiar scenario: somewhere between wrapping gifts and putting up the last ornaments on your Christmas tree, you forgot to pick up a bottle of wine or pint of ice cream and find yourself asking what's open on Christmas Day. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Fortunately, there are a few grocery stores open on Christmas throughout L.A.—although the big chain stores dominate this list, other non-chain establishments will be open for those harder-to-find, specialty items. And remember: while you’re roaming the aisles in a frenzy, don’t forget to spread some holiday cheer to the people making it possible for you to pick up more dinner rolls.

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11 grocery stores open on Christmas


Participating locations and hours vary. Use the store locator to contact an Albertsons closest to you.

Bristol Farms

Hours: 7am-10pm
Address: 9039 Beverly Blvd (West Hollywood)
Phone: 310-248-2804

Hours: 6am-11pm
Address: 3105 Wilshire Blvd (Santa Monica)
Phone: 310-829-3137

Hours: 8am-9pm
Address: 1515 Westwood Blvd (Westwood)
Phone: 310-481-0100


Galleria Market

Hours: 7am-12am 
Address: 440 S Vermont Ave (Koreatown)
Phone: 213-427-6266

Hours: 7am-11pm
Address: 3250 W Olympic Blvd (Koreatown)
Phone: 323-733-3800

Hannam Chain

Hours: 7am-midnight
Address: 2740 W Olympic (Koreatown)
Phone: 213-382-2922


La Brea Market

Hours: 8:30am-5pm
Address: 410 N La Brea Ave (Hancock Park)
Phone: 323-931-1221

Mitsuwa Marketplace

Hours: 9am-6pm
Address: 3760 S Centinela Ave (Santa Monica)
Phone: 310-398-2113

Hours: 9am-6pm
Address: 515 W Las Tunas Dr (San Gabriel)
Phone: 626-457-2899

Hours: 9am-6pm
Address: 21515 S Western Ave (Torrance)
Phone: 310-782-0335



Participating locations and hours vary. Use the store locator to contact a Pavilions closest to you.

Pico Glatt Mart

Hours: 8am-4pm
Address: 9427 W Pico Blvd (Pico-Robertson)
Phone: 310-785-0904



Participating locations vary. Use the store locator to contact a Ralph's closest to you.

Santa Monica Glatt Kosher Market

Hours: 7am-7:30pm
Address: 11540 Santa Monica Blvd (Sawtelle) 
Phone: 310-473-4435


Super King

Hours: 7am-7pm
Address: 2716 N San Fernando Rd (Glassell Park)
Phone: 323-225-0044

Superior Grocers

Hours: 7am-7pm
Address: 133 W Avenue 45 (Highland Park)
Phone: 323-223-3878



Participating locations and hours vary. Use the store locator to contact a Vons closest to you.

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By: Stephanie Breijo