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Hollywood Fringe Festival Director Ben Hill at the 2016 festival awards night party and closing ceremony.
Photograph: Courtesy Matt Kamimura; Hollywood Fringe FestivalHollywood Fringe Festival Director Ben Hill at the 2016 festival awards night party and closing ceremony.

A guide to the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Celebrate Los Angeles' vast performing arts scene by participating in the Hollywood Fringe Festival—here's how

Written by
Stephanie Morino
Dany Margolies
Danielle DiMeglio

Los Angeles isn't just a melting pot of cultures, it's a melting pot of talent. From the city's essential museums and art galleries to its best performing arts centers, there's an abundance of talent to be tapped into. Hoping to do just that is the Hollywood Fringe Festival, an annual event that brings Angelenos together every June to celebrate the performing arts community in L.A. Parks, bars, churches and other venues throughout the city will become hotspots for local performances of all kinds.

When is the Hollywood Fringe Festival?

The Hollywood Fringe Festival will take place June 8-25, 2017.

Where does it take place?

A full list of participating venues can be found here.

What shows are being presented as part of the festival?

There will be more than 2,000 performances taking place throughout the festival. A full calendar of events can be found here.

How much are tickets? 

Ticket prices vary for each show.

How can I participate?

If you want to participate by creating a show for the festival, click here to find out how.

10 shows to see at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

In 2016, this lively, family-friendly production took home not just one, but three outstanding titles: the Hollywood Fringe award for Best in Dance & Physical Theatre, the Encore Producer's award, and the L.A. Theatre Robby award for Best Choreography. This year, the company is taking over the stage yet again with a tap-happy production about a group of office employees and a new boss who enforces an unfathomable rule: no tap dancing. Check out the light-hearted comedy—the brainchild of directors, performers and choreographers Mindy and Gabe Copeland—which is slated to run for three nights only. 

Assistance League Playhouse (1367 N St, Andrews Pl); June 18 at 1:30pm, June 24 at 7:30pm, June 25 at 3pm; $20. 

If you're in love with all things Paris, you're not the only one. Inspired by the black and white photographs of lensman Christopher Broughton, the cabaret show tells a passionate story of love and intrigue in Paris, while paying homage to the photographer's works through costumes, projections, props and more. Join fellow Francophiles for a night of romance, dance, music and beautiful imagery, and let cast transport you to the City of Light. If you really want to get in the mood, treat yourself to a glass of vino and a pastry while you're at it. 

Sunset Las Palmas (Stage 12) (1040 N Las Palmas Ave); June 9 at 8pm, June 10 at 8pm, June 16 at 8pm, June 17 at 8pm, June 23 at 8pm, June 24 at 8pm; $10. 


As a testament to the epicness of the comedy show, know that the duo landed the Encore Producers Award for last year's production of "Come Fux Wit Us." Now, Joe Hernandez-Kolski and Joshua Silverstein are back with their intriguing and unique mix of rap, comedy and spoken word poetry in their production dubbed "The Joe & Joshua Show!" Chances are, you probably recognize the duo from their former accolades. Silverstein is an actor and professional beatboxer, who recently performed on the Late Late Show with James Corden and Reggie Watts. Hernandez-Kolski is an Emmy award-winner and a two-time HBO Def Poet who also starred in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." Needless to say, you're in for a treat.

Sacred Fools Theater Studio Space (1076 Lillian Way); June 9 at 11pm, June 18 at 10pm, June 21 at 11pm; $12. 

The Cadame Company transports theater goers back to the dark and mysterious time of Hollywood's favorite villain: Dracula. The immersive tale of Bram Stoker's gothic novel is reimagined and retold through entrancing contemporary dance, original music compositions and new characters. Together, artists and creators Melissa Oritz, David Kyser and Cassandra Ambe have produced a powerful, high-action and immersive performance that'll captivate and enliven audiences from start to finish. See for yourself—if you dare. 

Asylum at Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre (5636 Melrose Ave); June 9 at 8:30pm, June 15 at 10pm, June 18 at 5:30pm, June 24 at 11:30pm; $15. 


If you thought cramming all of William Shakespeare's great plays into a mere 90 minutes was an impossible feat, well, so did we. Creators Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield (along with three men in tights) are here to prove otherwise in their comedic tale of love, comedy and tragedy. The all-encompassing play covers all of the Bard's 37 plays. After a staggering nine-year run in London at the Criterion Theatre, the Phantom Projects Theatre Group is bringing the production to L.A. at the Met Theatre.

Met Theatre (1089 N Oxford Ave); June 9 at 8pm, June 10 at 4pm, June 11 at noon, June 15 at 6pm, June 17 at 3pm; $20. 

With Tinseltown as our backyard, we've all heard the never-ending saga and hate-hate relationship between Hollywood and old age. For writer and actor Sy Rosen, director and actor Deborah Geffner, and actor Robert Romanus, the concept is hard not to poke fun at. In this cleverly titled comedy, the trio joke about everything from aging in Hollywood to marriage to senior discounts. Rosen, Geffer ("All That Jazz," "A Chorus Line") and Romanus (“Fast Times at Ridgemont High) put on a three-show run to remember. 

Hudson Theatres (
6539 Santa Monica Blvd); June 17 at 3pm, June 18 at 7pm, June 24 at 3pm; $10. 


This isn't the kind of magic show you'd want at your little kid's birthday party. Brainchild of self-dubbed "former best friends" Daniel Donohue and Eric Siegel, the comedy-meets-magic show earned the winning title of the 2017 Mystery Awards. The duo is informed by former gigs at comedy venues like Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City, as well as magic shows at the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Houdini Estate. If you're game for some laughs and illusions, check out "The New Bad Boys of Magic."

Complex Theatres (6472 Santa Monica Blvd); June 9 at 9pm, June 17 at 3:30pm,
 June 24 at 10pm; $10. 

Prepare for the ultimate magician showdown. Needless to say, this isn't your average magic show. Instead of simply watching the illusions play out before your eyes, you'll also be determining which of four distinctive, award-winning magicians will be named the winner. Watch as the pros take the stage and battle is out for the audience's vote (and a major cash prize), which will be revealed at the end of the show. You can bet they'll be bringing their A-game.

Asylum at the McCadden Theatre (1157 N McCadden Pl); June 11 at 12:30pm, June 16 at 5:30pm, June 17 at 11:30pm, June 18 at 2:30pm; $20. 


We've all been there. Your mid-20s come around and all of a sudden you feel the weight of your rent, awkward Tinder dates and that career path you're now doubting. It's no question that this comedic, light-hearted musical is relatable. Bonus? It'll undoubtedly make you feel better about your own mid-20s experience. The show follows the daily life of four different characters who take you through their 20-something hurdles—from poor relationships to bad credit to crazy bosses. 

Sacred Fools Theater (1076 Lillian Way); June 9 at 7pm, June 11 at 1:30pm, June 16 at 10:30pm, June 18 at 3:30pm, June 22 at 8pm, June 24 at 5pm; $15. 

Ready to get personal? The solo performance group will share real, authentic stories on stage, which highlight some of their best, worst, funniest, and honest moments in life. From family relationships to love life to identity struggles and more, the performers let it all out on the stage—making for a thought-provoking show that'll trigger laughter, tears and reflection.

Complex Theatres (6476 Santa Monica Blvd); June 9 at 8:30pm, June 11 at 7pm, June 16 at 10pm, June 17 at 5:30pm, June 21 at 10pm; $12. 

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