Great Horror Campout 2016 guide

Summon the courage to survive the Great Horror Campout 2016, a terrifying overnight camping experience
Great Horror Campout
Photograph: Courtesy Great Horror Campout

Wetting the bed at summer camp tops our list of adolescent nightmares, but we won't hold it against you if you have an accident at this fright-filled take on camping. Each summer in LA, the Great Horror Campout invades a local park for two terrifying nights that are part scavenger hunt, party haunted house. Before you summon up the courage to buy tickets, here's everything you need to know about the Great Horror Campout.

When is the Great Horror Campout 2016?

The Great Horror Campout takes place Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 11, 2016.

Where is the Great Horror Campout?

It takes place in Elysian Park, with the parking entrance at the intersection of Angels Point Road and Park Road.

How much does the Great Horror Campout Cost?

Tickets are available for a two-person tent at $119 per person, or a four-person tent at $99 per person.

So how scary is it?

The Great Horror Campout offers both less extreme and very extreme variants. For the former, campers can choose to stay in the monster-free "Chicken Zone" and watch horror movies and exchange ghost stories over a marshmallow roast. The latter, however, subjects campers to midnight monster visits across 12 sleepless hours. Campers can also partake in the Hell Hunt, a scavenger hunt-like quest for the "Hellmaster" title—assuming they can survive being stalked by a chupacabra and bathe in a ritual of blood, fire and gore. The monsters can touch you—but not harm you—though you can't touch them back.

What if it gets to be too intense?

Even ghouls and demons understand the concept of a safe phrase, so if at any point the experience becomes too much, you can simply yell "I want my mommy." Seriously.

What do I need to bring?

While the Great Horror Campout features a store with snacks and refreshments, you'll need to pack with a survivalist mentality. The event organizers suggest bringing a Ziploc bag, cooler, sleeping bag, pillow, (non-alcoholic) drinks, snacks, flashlights, towels, baby wipes and, of course, a change of clothes and extra underwear.