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Los Angeles SantaCon 2015
Photograph: Foster SnellLos Angeles SantaCon 2015

A guide to SantaCon Los Angeles 2023

Looking for a ho-ho-ho-down with hundreds of Santas? SantaCon 2023 may be just the holiday celebration for you.

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Michael Juliano
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SantaCon is a holiday celebration with a pretty simple premise: Get a whole bunch of people to dress up like Santa Claus and hit the town. They party and pub crawl and have a jolly old time. Want to join in? Here’s everything you need to know. And don’t forget, you’re (really!) going to need a costume. It may seem like it’s still too hot outside to don a furry red cap and coat, but a committed Santa will find a way. Get into the spirit with a scroll through our favorite photos of SantaCon from previous years. 

When does L.A. SantaCon take place?

SantaCon 2023 will be held Saturday, December 9, 2023.

Where does SantaCon take place?

Exact location details will be announced on the organizer’s website as well via Facebook.

Do I need a ticket to attend?

No. Unlike the “sleigh” year in 2022 (in which Santas piled into school buses), 2023 will be back to using the Metro, so all you need is a TAP card.

Are there rules for SantaCon?

More like guidelines, and in fact there are 25 of them for SantaCon. First of all, Santa Claus costumes are mandatory—and they’re not just talking about a cute Santa hat. The expectation is that you’ll go all red, get creative and really do it up (we’ve also seen Christmas hams, candy canes, etc.). Other rules include referring to all attendees and not speaking to the press. You’ll want to brush up on the official rules page

Is SantaCon safe for kids?

While kids aren’t explicitly banned from participating, SantaCon has a pretty rowdy reputation which might not be ideal, especially for very young children. We wouldn’t want them having their fairy tale dreams of Santa Claus shattered by a beer-soaked party dude. 

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