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Bachour Bakery
Photograph: Courtesy DeepSleep Studio

The best bakeries in Miami for tasty oven-hot carbs

Fresh bread? Flaky croissants? Multi-tiered cakes? The best bakeries in Miami have all that and more.

By Virginia Gil and Ryan Pfeffer

September 2019: Now that summer is technically over, we can all resume our love of carbs, right? For us, that means paying a visit to Miami’s best bakeries, where Instagrammable cakes (à la newcomer Dbakers Sweet Studio) and award-winning croissants, like the kind you’ll find at Bachour inside Time Out Market Miami, are the norm. Ready to load up on carbs? We’ve got you covered. 

Your opinion of the best bakeries in Miami might differ depending on what, exactly, you’re in the mood for. Like everything about this city, diversity is the name of the game. We’ve got Jewish bakeries, classic Cuban bakeries (including one of the best restaurants in Miami) and just about everything in between. For a city that’s weather forecast calls for 100 percent chance of skin year-round, Miami’s love of carbs and sweets is strong. What the best coffee shops in Miami do for our mind, these bakeries do for our stomach. And you’ll for sure have to fight us for that last pastelito. 

Best bakeries in Miami

Zak the Baker
Photograph: Platonic Studios

1. Zak the Baker

Restaurants Delis Wynwood

What is it? Probably the most famous bread people in Miami. In Wynwood, Zak [Stern] the baker has created a Jewish bakery that feels both rooted in tradition yet ambitiously adventurous.

Why go? The bread—sure—but ZTB’s deli dishes are just incredible. Pick one of the sandwiches, soups, toasts and more. Warning: the challah comes out of the oven at noon every Friday and you will have to fight an elderly lady for your loaf.

Bakery, madruga
Photograph: Unsplash/Elevate

2. Madruga Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Coral Gables

What is it? A labor of love from owner Naomi Harris. Find her up bright and early milling organic whole grains into flour in her minimal, airy bakery.

Why go? Even the morning rush here is somehow pleasant thanks to a speedy and friendly staff. And we still haven’t found a better way to start our day than with Madruga’s bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich on an onion poppy roll.

Bachour Bakery
Photograph: Courtesy DeepSleep Studio

3. Bachour - Time Out Market

Restaurants South Beach

What is it? The Time Out Market outpost of Antonio Bachour’s eponymous bakery in Coral Gables. While there are fewer savory options, the eatery features the award-winning pastry chef’s best sweets.

Why go? Beat the mid-day slump with a red velvet croissant and an oat milk cappuccino, featuring Per’la coffee. Why the specific combo? One Instagrams well and the other tastes good, while both give you the boost you need.

Dbakers Sweet Studio
Photograph: Courtesy Dbakers Sweet Studio/Juano Abreu

4. Dbakers Sweet Studio

Restaurants Bakeries Midtown

What is it? A humble spot in Midtown that churns out extravagant desserts. It’s not just for looks, the ornate confections taste good, too.

Why go? Impress someone on their birthday and gift them one of Dbakers signature cakes. These tall, cylindrical creations are the definition of festive and can be customized any way you like. The standard sprinkles variety is pretty great, too. 

Fireman Derek's World-Famous Pie
Photograph: Courtesy Fireman Derek's Bake Shop

5. Fireman Derek’s World-Famous Pies

Restaurants Bakery Midtown

What is it? A tiny dessert shop that packs a big punch. If you have a sweet tooth, Fireman Derek’s is going to be your happy place.

Why go? The classic key lime pie is as good as any you’ll find in Miami but Derek’s also blasts out stoner fantasies like the sundae pie or salty monkey pie (ganache, peanut butter and banana filling, Oreo crust, crushed pretzels and chocolate drizzle) with equal proficiency.

Rosetta Bakery
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Nic Z.

6. Rosetta Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries South Beach

What is it? A rapidly expanding bakery that’s surprisingly good, considering its touristy locations. The spot has a classic casual Italian vibe. Just point at something that looks tasty and they’ll get it ready for you.

Why go? For the freshly baked stuffed focaccia. It’s a pillowy burst of carbs you need in your life—at all times of the day. We like ours with prosciutto and mozzarella. The Nutella croissant ain’t bad either. 

True Loaf
Photograph: Donna Irene Muccio

7. True Loaf

Restaurants Bakeries South Beach

What is it? A lovely spot in the equally lovely Sunset Harbour. The sweet pastries are a hit here, perfect to grab before taking a stroll through the cozy beach community.

Why go? People love True Loaf’s generously-stuffed oversize croissants. But if those happen to be all gone, one of the giant cookies should suffice.

Bunnie Cakes
Photograph: Courtesy Bunnie Cakes

8. Bunnie Cakes

Restaurants Bakery Midtown

What is it? A sweets shop as cute as its name implies. The brightly colored bakery serves mini-cupcakes and more tiny treats you won’t feel too guilty scarfing down.

Why go? If you’re into reading labels, Bunnie Cakes is ideal. The bakery is vegan! And even picky eaters probably won’t be able to tell while biting into the cupcakes, cakes, brownies and doughnuts.

B Bistro + Bakery
Photograph: Courtesy B Bistro + Bakery

9. B Bistro + Bakery

Restaurants Bakeries Brickell

What is it? Crazy creations from mad pastry scientist Henry Hané. Find croissants bursting with Nutella, an “everything bagel croissant,” and something called a cruffin, which is either a type of Arctic bird or a very tasty pastry.

Why go? Want to Instagram your food before you eat it? You’ll have the chance to rack up the likes here. And, unlike most splashy Insta-food, this food actually tastes great.

Gilbert's Bakery
Photograph: Courtesy Gilbert's Bakery

10. Gilbert's Bakery

Restaurants Bakery Coral Way

What is it? One of many Cuban bakeries that fill up our fair city, Gilbert’s stands out for its pastries (theirs have the best filling-to-dough ratio) and variety of desserts, which can even be purchased as guilt-free minis.

Why go? Gilbert’s does a great job of catering to old and new generations of Cuban food lovers. For the millennials, they’ve even jumped on the PSL bandwagon, featuring a tasty seasonal pumpkin-spiced cortadito that even Abuelo can get behind. 

Buena Vista Deli
Photograph: Courtesy Buena Vista Deli/Felipe Cuevas

11. Buena Vista Deli

Restaurants Bakery Buena Vista

What is it? This popular neighborhood cafe serves all sorts of authentic and tasty French treats. Buena Vista Deli has long been a local favorite for breakfast and lunch.

Why go? This French place takes its croissants very seriously. Though if you want them toasted, which you do, they won’t scoff at you for Americanizing their national treasure. Does it nail all the other Parisian-approved bakery items with equal national pride? Oui!

Versailles Bakery
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/jpellgen

12. Versailles Bakery

Restaurants Cuban West Little Havana

What is it? The famed Miami Cuban restaurant that needs no introduction. Versailles has a bakery next door to its buzzing restaurant, where a steady stream of Miamians buy pastelitos pretty much all day.

Why go? Your kitchen counter just looks naked on the weekend without some pastelitos and other Cuban treats from Versailles. Though it may look crowded, the Versailles team is great at getting you in and out (even if you don’t speak Spanish).

CraveClean Protein Bake Shop
Photograph: Courtesy CraveClean Protein Bake Shop

13. CraveClean Protein Bake Shop

Restaurants Bakery South Miami

What is it? A cheat day treat that won’t completely kill your progress in the gym, bro. Most of the desserts here are under 200 calories and packed with protein.

Why go? Because you can have your cake and eat it too! Protein powder, coconut milk and other smart substitutions make these cupcakes, brownies and doughnuts a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth and satiate folks whose dietary restrictions keep them way from the sugary stuff. 

Chez Bon Bon
Photograph: Courtesy Fontainebleau Miami Beach/Moris Moreno

14. Chez Bon Bon

Restaurants Bakery Miami Beach

What is it? Find this upscale patisserie in the bougie lobby of the Fontainebleau. Whether you’re on vacation or just pretending, you can indulge in gourmet chocolates, specialty cakes and pastries almost too pretty to eat.

Why go? Everything at the Fontainebleau either looks pretty or tastes good. Here, you can find both in one place, especially the truffles. Those tick off all the boxes.

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