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The 13 places for the best fried chicken in Miami

The best fried chicken in Miami ranges from traditional Southern-style to spicy Korean to crispy biscuit sandwiches
Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
Photograph: Courtesy Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
By Lyssa Goldberg |

A great piece of fried chicken should be several things: tender, moist on the inside and flaky on the outside. But since South Florida is a melting pot, the best fried chicken in Miami is not always the traditional bird you’re used to. If it’s brunch in Miami, you might find it served atop a thick waffle; at lunchtime, Miami sandwich shops like to serve theirs stuffed between buns or biscuits; and dinner is anyone’s guess—think spicy Korean-style chicken at one of Wynwood’s best restaurants or a Middle-Eastern version with toasted sesame seeds. Not sure where to begin your search for the best fried chicken in Miami? We’ve rounded up the top 13 spots serving up all types of options.

Best fried chicken in Miami

Chef Hales' hot chicken at Bird & Bone
Photograph: Courtesy Bird & Bone
Restaurants, Soul and southern American

Bird & Bone

icon-location-pin Miami Beach

Bird & Bone’s chef/partner Richard Hales executes the signature sweet-and-spicy combination of Nashville-style hot chicken to perfection. Though he does take some freedom in the presentation: drizzles it with hot mustard sauce and Florida honey, tops it with house-pickled cucumbers and sets it atop a thick slice of Zak the Baker country bread. While the dish is flawless as is—tender meat, flaky skin, addictive flavors—the brunch version takes it to new gluttonous levels with a thick cornbread waffle, candied bacon and bourbon syrup. You might need a nap after this one.  

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
Photograph: Courtesy Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
Restaurants, American

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

icon-location-pin South Beach

You can’t go wrong with chicken made according to a 100-year-old recipe passed down to owner John Kunkel by his grandmother, Lewellyn. And Yardbird’s famous fried bird follows her instructions to a T: first it’s brined for 27 years and then it’s dredged in secret spices. The half bird comes with a side of spicy tabasco honey sauce—simple, just as grandma intended—but diners can also order it with chilled spiced watermelon, a cheddar cheese waffle and bourbon maple syrup. You’ll have a hard time sharing either. Trust us.

Spring Chicken fried chicken sandwich
Photograph: Courtesy Spring Chicken
Restaurants, Soul and southern American

Spring Chicken

icon-location-pin Sunset Harbour

While you won’t find the signature half bird with honey hot sauce or chilled watermelon at Yardbird’s fast-casual offshoot, Spring Chicken, you will find an equally tasty fried chicken menu boasting dishes made from the same ingredients and recipes. We suggest opting for one of Spring Chicken’s crispy chicken sandwiches made with boneless, skinless fried chicken breast. The classic Yardbird sandwich, a simple combination of chicken, pickles and mayonnaise on a soft potato bun, is juicy and satisfying.  

Michy's fried chicken at Sweet Liberty
Photograph: Courtesy Sweet Libery Drinks & Supply Co.

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

icon-location-pin South Beach

Chef Michelle Bernstein’s legendary fried chicken (which was popularized as an annual all-you-can-eat summer special at her now-shuttered restaurant, Michys) lives on at Sweet Liberty. Marinated in buttermilk, tarragon, Dijon mustard, celery seed and black pepper, the dish is available year-round at the South Beach bar. The downside? Servings are not unlimited, so be sure to order one for each person at the table. You won’t want to share.

Joe's Stone Crab fried chicken
Photograph: Courtesy Joe's Stone Crab
Restaurants, American

Joe's Stone Crab

icon-location-pin South of Fifth

You don’t have to shell out a ton of dough to enjoy a night out at Joe’s Stone Crab. The South Beach institution may be known for its fresh Florida stone crabs (which, at market price, can quickly rack up the bill), but it also ranks high in the fried chicken department. Joe’s famous fried chicken, isn’t just delicious, it’s also dirt cheap at just $6.95 an order, which includes a side of coleslaw and house-made potato chips. The combo platter easily feeds two people.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill fried chicken
Photograph: Steve Hill
Restaurants, Japanese

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill

icon-location-pin South Beach

Sure, it’s a sushi restaurant, but Blue Ribbon is a sushi restaurant that’s as famous for its fried chicken as it is for its fish. (In fact, cities like New York and Las Vegas have Blue Ribbons dedicated to just “good ol' finger-licking fried chicken”.) In between bites of toro and uni, do yourself a favor and save room for this matzo-crusted bird sprinkled with Japanese chili spices. The side of wasabi honey is not to missed be either.

Fried chicken biscuit at Whisk
Photograph: Courtesy Whisk
Restaurants, American

Whisk Gourmet

icon-location-pin South Miami

South Miami’s Whisk is tough to beat when it comes to Southern comfort food, including its fried chicken. We especially love the side pairings: order Whisk’s buttermilk fried chicken atop a spinach salad, as an entrée with smashed potatoes and bacon gravy or—our favorite way—on a bacon-buttermilk biscuit with layers of pepper jelly and gravy. Whisk’s fried chicken biscuit may be listed as an appetizer, but know that the boneless quarter chicken and flaky biscuit is hearty enough to enjoy as a meal.

Chicken and waffles at Kush
Photograph: Courtesy Kush
Restaurants, American


icon-location-pin Midtown

Chicken and waffles has taken over Benedicts on nearly every Miami brunch menu, and we’re fine with that—especially if it’s Kush’s version’s we’re eating. The restaurant pairs its locally sourced chicken with a Belgian waffle, tops it with crumbled bacon and dusts it with powdered sugar like a delicious carnival snack. The sweet-and-savory combination is made even sweeter with a side of house-made maple syrup.

Korean fried chicken at KYU
Photograph: Courtesy KYU
Restaurants, Barbecue


icon-location-pin Wynwood

If you’re looking for Korean fried chicken, KYU’s satiates all cravings for Asian-style crispy bird. Theirs is not only twice-fried but also wood-fire grilled, a technique used for most of the meats on the Asian barbecue restaurant’s menu. Savor this spicy chicken dish from Wynwood’s hottest restaurant, which is served with butter-braised chicory over a sriracha-inspired hot sauce.

Middle Eastern fried chicken at Byblos
Photograph: Courtesy Byblos
Restaurants, Mediterranean

Byblos Miami

icon-location-pin South Beach

When you really want fried chicken but also crave exotic flavors (read: hot sauce just won’t cut it), we suggest Byblos’s fried chicken smothered in garlic aioli, za’atar spices and toasted sesame seeds. The restaurant’s Middle-Eastern-style bird is brined in honey, garlic cloves, thyme, peppercorns and lemon and then coated in flour spiced with paprika and cayenne. Unlike other fried chicken dishes accompanied by waffles and syrups, this one is served with a simple side of cucumber slaw.

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