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The best juice bars in Miami for powering up the healthy way

Searching for a great juice bar? Miami is stocked with options—from cafés to Latin fruit stands and hippy beach shacks.

By Lyssa Goldberg and Falyn Freyman |
Photograph: Courtesy Juicense

May 2019: Miami, like much of the rest of the planet, has yet to get over its love affair with juices. As the trend has matured, though, so have our standards. Today’s juices must be organic, they must be cold-pressed and crucially, they must be delicious. While we’re still mourning the loss of Jugofresh, Miami’s pioneering juice bar chain that made it all the way into Whole Foods stores before abruptly closing all locations in 2018, new options have swooped in across the city to fill the void. The vegan geniuses at Love Life Cafe are slinging killer juices and smoothies at Time Out Market in South Beach, while GreenG Juice Bar in Edgewater offers an array of live shots, juices, nut milks and to-go meals. An old staple we’d be remiss to leave off, Athens Juice Bar in North Miami Beach has been a locals institution since 1942, long before we started tossing things like chlorophyll and probiotics into our beverages.

Juice bars come in handy after too many late nights binging on wings, truffle fries and Miami’s best drunk food. Luckily, you’ll find no shortage of juice bars in Miami. It’s just one of the latest health trends to find its footing in the 305. Maybe you recognize its cousin, the acai bowl, from one of your trips to find the best acai bowls in Miami. Or maybe the best desserts in Miami is more your speed. Either way, we could all use a nice fresh juice every occasionally, and here’s where you can find the tastiest and freshest in the city.

A juice bar we love so much that we welcomed them into Time Out Market

Milkshake at Love Life Cafe
Photograph: Diego Tosoni

Love Life Cafe - Time Out Market

South Beach

What is it? Chef Diego Tosoni devised a plant-based menu that draws hard-core plant eaters and even carnivores with its delicious yet familiar dishes. For his Love Life outpost at Time Out Market, favorites like the vegan arepas and creamy macaroni shine alongside an equally tantalizing roster of house-made cold-pressed juices, smoothies and acai bowls.

Why go? Yes, the juices are delicious, but if you never thought you’d find yourself craving a vegan milkshake, youre due to indulge in the Love Life Mylkshake. Cold and creamy perfection in a glass, it’s made with vanilla ice cream, cacao syrup, banana and pecan crunchy “farofa.” We’re not saying it’s totally guilt-free, but it is—amazingly—completely dairy-free. 

Best juice bars in Miami

Dreamer Juice Bar
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Emily H.
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Dreamer Acai Juice Matcha

South Beach

What is it? Dreamer Miami has quickly taken over Instagram feeds everywhere, with its pink flamingo-patterned wallpaper and tropical palm leaf decor. And while it does make for the perfect backdrop to your morning latte Snap or acai bowl Insta, it also offers a surprisingly extensive list of drink options for beverage lovers of all kind.

Why go? In addition to fresh-squeezed and cold-pressed juices, Dreamer’s menu features classic smoothies, milkshakes, fruity lemonades, coffee, tea, chai lattes, wellness shots and even five types of matcha drinks. Good luck choosing a filter. 

Athens Juice Bar
Photograph: Courtesy Unsplash/Hello I'm Nik
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Athens Juice Bar

North Beach

What is it? Family owned and operated since 1942, Athens Juice Bar in North Miami Beach has been a locals’ institution since long before Chef Michelle Bernstein gave it a shout-out on Food Network. Apart from its friendly customer service, patrons rave about the Florida-sourced, hand-cut fruit salads, acai bowls topped with local granola and the pulpy Athens Punch made with watermelon, orange, lemon, papaya and lime. 

Why go? Athens’ customizable menu includes staples like vitamin-packed wheatgrass juice and potent ginger shots, but in a sea of sleek and clinical juice bar trend-chasers, this little shop stands out for being laidback, unfussy and charmingly old-school (would you like a side of cottage cheese and honey with that fruit bowl?). If there were such a thing as a juice dive bar, Athens would be it.

Joe & The Juice
Photograph: Jacob Pajor
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Joe & The Juice

South Beach

What is it? This fast-growing Danish franchise is known for hiring chit-chatty bros trained to make you feel more like you’re at a bar than on a breakfast run, which might lead you to believe that this place is more about the atmosphere and less about the product. Wrong. Trust us when we say that the juice bros still know how to whip up a mean drink.

Why go? All of the juices at Joe & The Juice—which hover around $7—are freshly squeezed and blended to order, such as the super green Peas of Mind (peas, avocado, celery, kale, apple) and Broc ’n’ Roll (broccoli, ginger, fennel, pineapple, apple). Our favorite non-juice options, however, include the creamy Avo Shake and the Ginger Latte, which, yes, infuses a kick of ginger into your espresso. 

Acai bowl
Photograph: Courtesy Unsplash/Alexis Chloe
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GreenG Juice Bar


What is it? Founded by three siblings with the goal of creating a healthy spot where they could chill before and after the gym, GreenG harnesses the power of flavor-packed superfoods to draw in local fitness freaks and post-late-night revelers alike. Located in the Wynwood-adjacent Edgewater neighborhood, this clean and airy juice bar with an outdoor patio, wood-paneled walls and lime green accents offers an array of cold-pressed live shots, juices, nut milks and ready-made meals.

Why go? If you’re in need of a quick pick me up, go for the Stamina shot, a two-ounce hit of cold brew coffee, energizing MCT oil and monkfruit. For a bit more sustenance, the smooth and creamy Nourish smoothie might be your play: blended almond milk, almond butter, avocado, cucumber, spinach, kale, maca, matcha, chia seeds, spirulina and moringa is topped with bee pollen and coconut flakes for $13. Or take your health to-go with prepared options like the vegan arepa and the GreenG Waffle made with tapioca flour, coconut flour, maca, organic Eggs, vanilla extract and cinnamon.

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