Heat wave: Montreal’s first heat wave of the year is set to break records

Temperatures are expected to rise up towards 33 C this week.

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Laura Osborne
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Heat wave
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Unseasonably hot weather has arrived in Montreal.

In a special weather statement issued at 4:50 a.m., Environment and Climate Change Canada states that widespread hot weather is expected and nights will be warmer than the seasonal norms. 

Temperatures will be especially high in urban areas. The weather will remain dry, which will limit the added effect of moisture on the temperature felt, but Montrealers are being warned to drink water abundantly, even before feeling thirsty.

Parc Jarry
Photograph: Daphné CaronParc Jarry

Young children, pregnant women, the elderly, persons with chronic underlying medical conditions and those working or exercising outdoors are at higher risk during a heat event, and Environment and Climate Change Canada cautions to never leave people or pets in a parked vehicle.

When will the Montreal heatwave start?

Montreal’s first official heat wave of the year started on Wednesday with three consecutive days above 30 C.

Cities like Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec, and Val-d'Or, where temperatures have never gone beyond 30 C on June 1, might experience exceptionally high temperatures this year. 

Weather forecasts indicate that temperatures could range from 30 C to 32 C. Even Sherbrooke's previous record of 30.2 C might be broken.

The threat of wildfires is also looming, and it is expected to escalate in the coming days, particularly in a significant portion of Quebec. The imminent hot weather will create favourable conditions for the start and rapid spread of wildfires, especially in the western and southern regions of the province.

How to stave off the swelter?

Get out your Montreal bucket list and put beaches, parks and hiking trails and ice cream somewhere at the top. 

Ca Lem
Photograph: Laura Osborne

Take advantage of Montreal’s many refreshing pools across the city. Whether you’re grabbing a cocktail at one of the city’s best bars, or eating al fresco at one of the best rooftops in Montreal, make sure to take advantage of this taste of summer. 

Parc Jean-Drapeau, Complexe Aquatique
Photograph: © Parc Jean-Drapeau, Caroline Durocher

Can't beat the heat? Head indoors to one of the many air conditioned oases in the city.

For more weather updates from Environment and Climate Change Canada, click here.

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